Just before Christmas we got ‘Like A Mouse’, the first track from And So I Watch You From Afar’s All Hail Bright Futures out on March 18th. That’s next month! Holla.

‘Big Thinks Do Remarkable’ is one of my favourites from the uplifting record, a cacophony of exuberant noise with unexpected exaltations and a “the sun is in our eyes” mantra. Blinded by the brightness.

(All Hail Bright Futures is out on March 19th on Sargent House)

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4 Responses to “And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Big Thinks Do Remarkable’”

  1. Fanta

    This sucks a big fat one. Try harder lads. Ye’re just churnin um out now. Jock-cock-post-rock.
    Shitty riff.

  2. b0b

    It doesn’t blow me away, wasn’t sold on Like A Mouse & this is weaker imo.
    Not good omens for the new album.


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