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Pastor Mbhobho - the crazy priest of SA House.

With the eyes and ears of the world on South Africa for the World Cup at the moment, it’s a good time to see what’s cracking there musically. I interviewed a few of the kwaito stars last month and I’ve much more exciting stuff to come but here is a compilation which serves as a superb intro to the sound of young South Africa. The producers represented on Ayobaness (a phrase used to express excitement in Joburg) showcase a brand of South African house music which is all their own but globally reaching at the same time.

DJ Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’ was the first big tune to hit internationally from the Pretoria region of SA and he is represented here as is South African heavyweight producer DJ Cleo. Most of the other names here are unknown to most but that doesn’t diminish how great Ayobaness! The Sound of South African House represents the pulse of South African music. It’s out now on Out Here Records. Check out the EP sampler which showcases the UK funky-esque stuff as well as the more minimal techno leaning ‘Just in Time’ from Aero Manelo.

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  1. Stretchy-mother

    everyone…I need help finding the name of a song…The lyrics are ”
    close your eyes, tell me can you see me am i in your eyes, close your
    eyes…” n so on haha…i really want this song again but i cant
    remember the name of the song…i think it may be by TK…PLEASE help :)
    It will be HUGELY appreciated :)



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