“I’ve been hunting down that elusive paradox. To create something that didn’t sound like what I’ve done before. But was also unmistakably me. It’s quite a maddening task.”

Three years on from the gut-thumping twisted electronics of Totem’s Flare, Chris Clark has been busy. Recording in places like Wales with Bibio, Australia, Berlin, London, Brussels and Norway, using field recordings and lots of miscellaneous musical tools, Clark returns with a new album in April on Warp called Iradelphic and a free download of the track ‘Com Touch’ below.

“It feels like it’s been a massive test, a huge, all engulfing self imposed boundary that I had to step over, can I transform all this wild instrumentation and confounding, chaotic will into something with a monolithic unity, can I bring all of these seemingly contradictory shifts in mood into a homogenous whole? I hope I’ve nailed it.”

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  1. Anonymous

    yikes after all that hyperbole I hope he’s nailed it too. Otherwise he’ll look silly


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