Or say hello to your new favourite Irish band.

Thanks to labels like The Richter Collective and the autonomous sphere of bands around the country making brilliant and mostly loud guitar music again (Adebisi Shank, ASIWYFA, Bats, Not Squares – to name a few) we can now add Dublin’s brilliantly-titled The Cast of Cheers to that list.

They’ve released their debut album Chariot via Bandcamp for FREE DOWNLOAD with a physical release coming in April. The album is a fully-formed 33-minute blast of post-punk, looping post-rock, tightly-wound songs with echoes of touchstones like Battles, Foals and Death From Above 1979.

It’s so good you’d wonder where this band appeared from? Some of them were involved in the band Abam so they’re not total newbies. Chariot is a breath of fresh air from a band I didn’t even know existed seven days ago. They’ll be supporting Super Extra Bonus Party in Andrew’s Lane Theatre on the 26th of February alongside Nakatomi Towers, Enemies and more.

Download their album now. Here’s 10 reasons why you should.

The Cast of Cheers – Chariot by richtercollective

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10 Responses to “Introducing: The Cast of Cheers”

  1. Eoghan

    finally go round to listening to the album tonight, Flippin genius in places. They sound well suited to a spoit on the sebp bill. Hopefully i will get a chance to see them soon

  2. Luke

    Top class Niall – never heard of these before, They really remind me of Foals on some of the songs, good stuff.

    • Nialler9

      That used to be Super Extra Bonus Party Gadget – get with the programme.

      TCOC don’t have visuals live as far as I’ve seen.



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