That there’s not much info on a singer called INCA is probably a good thing at this point, because her debut song ‘Wake Me Up’ does much with little. The song is built from quiet keys, brooding string instruments and minimal electronics underpinning INCA’s expressive yet not full voice. It’s as if she’s whispering lines like “because I need somebody like you” in the dark as if the truth, if heard, will shatter some illusions.

The singer spends her time between England and Spain and is of Peruvian and English descent hence the name. A debut EP will be released later in the year but you can enjoy her first track now:

download (1)

Actor Jeff Bridges has a likeable gentle quality and a scratched gravelled voice that you could listen to for hours. Well now, the voice behind the actor who played acclaimed roles in The Big Lebowski, True Grit and Tron is being put to good use in a strange partnership with Squarespace where The Dude has recorded an ambient album to help induce you into sleep called Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, in which Bridges’ voice takes you on some gentle journeys (up a mountain with an office chair) set to ambient tones and natural noise.

It’s “a unique album of relaxing sounds, guided meditations, and stories designed to lull you to sleep.”


As someone who compiles an ambient playlist, I want this.

The music was composed by Keefus Green who has played on soundtracks of True Detective and The Fall as well as tracks from Elton John, Charli XCX and T-Bone Burnett.

“While working on the ‘Sleeping Tapes’ album we put in some long hours,” Bridges told the Wall Street Journal. “Listening back to our day’s works, I’d often drift off. I’d wake up and smile saying, ‘This stuff works.’”

You can download the album from and hear it below:

All proceeds from the sale of the album goes to No Kid Hungry.


It’s been a quiet year for Jack Colleran aka Mmoths as he’s been working on his second album for most of that time. Having shown us a preview in the form of the ultra ambient heavy track ‘Santo’.

This week, he’s dropped another new song, not on the album, but one that pivots expectations for what is to come, which is likely going to be less sweet and more textured than previous releases.

‘Yago’ has more light in it than ‘Santos’, yet it’s still wrapped in an increased level of textured ambience that marks this material from his more adolescent stuff. It came with a brief note:

“I’ve spent the past twelve months writing this album. ‘Yago’ and ‘Santo’ were both written during that time, although they aren’t a representation of the record itself, they come from the same place. In a way they’re a sign of what’s to come.”

Here’s the track:


The young Maynooth producer Jack Casey has been wisely biding his time since exploding onto the internet with his Ellie Goulding remix and his subsequent tracks.

In anticipation of new original tracks forthcoming, Casey is offering a four-track EP of previously posted songs for the price of an email including his Ellie Goulding remix, his Dive in remix and the excellent ‘Slow Down’ and ‘Make Your Way’.

Download at

Liza-Cover 600X600px

Dublin-based Aussie Liza Flume is due to follow up her debut EP of looped folk music with something a little different. A progression of her sound has been informed by the last year or so of playing live with her loop pedal and guitar. Now taking in electronic instrumentation and working with producer Brian Dillon, ‘Sleepless Nights’ is an atmospheric new track about the need for someone to hold.

In her own words:

“I wrote ‘Sleepless Nights’ whilst living alone in my late grandfather’s 3-bedroom home in the north of Dublin. The first single since the debut EP, the song explores a deep sense of loneliness and isolation and the realisation of the importance of human connection and companionship.


Mmoths has been rightly, taking his time on the production of his long playing debut which will come out early next year.

In the meantime, realising it was quite a while since we heard anything from the Mmoths camp, he posted a new track called Santos on Soundcloud yesterday. It’s a dark tune weighed down by ambient noises and brooding low-end notes and then lifted by treated vocals and head-nodding percussion. This tune’s heavy.


Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds has returned to his Kiasmos, his electronic project with Janus Rasmussen. The pair will release their debut self-titled LP in late October on Erased Tapes.

The album, made in Reykjavík, was recorded “using acoustic instruments next to a variety of synthesisers, drum machines and tape delays”. Live drumming, a string quartet, Arnalds’ grand piano playing and the metal grinder of a lighter used as percussion is also present.

The album features eight tracks as listed below and you can hear previews here. ‘Burnt’ is the album’s last track and is a gorgeous nine minute growing piece of music that pulses through low-end and takes flight through the high-end.


With her first track ‘Station’, the 17 year-old Liverpudlian Holly Fletcher aka Låpsley sounded like a musician with aspirations far more refined than her peers.

That eerie balladry is also heard on the affecting followup ‘Painter (Valentine)’, a joint-single released together with ‘Station’ and on Itunes now. The video is directly by her similarly-talented and aged friend Harvey Pearson.

Posted on July 17th, 2014



The last we heard of the former singer of Golden Silvers, Gwilym Gold, he had utlitised a new format for music playback called Bronze for his Tender Metal album which subtly changed the arrangements of the songs for each listen.

He’s back with a new single out now called ‘Muscle’, like the release’s artwork, it’s a vulnerable and baring song with Gold’s falsetto rising with the track’s enveloping atmospheric narrative. It’s out now digitally and on 12″ on Hymn.