I didn’t know much about Point.B other than some rudimentary digging from a Soundcloud page which revealed that the music is the work of Richard Bultitude, a London musician who has released three albums to date (to generally positive reviews) and that his focus is on a deep style of music whether that incorporates dubstep, electro or bass music in general. As heard on the New Noise podcast via No Fear Of Pop, ‘Collective Origins’ is a bit more in the 2step garage vein, reminiscent of Burial in tones while the clincher is the mantric African vocal.

Sorry I can’t be more specific about which language, especially as I’ve spent the last week taking the piss out of JLO’s ‘On The Floor’ lyrics – “New York, Vegas To Africa.” I love it when pop stars lump a whole continent in with metropolitan western cities. JLS also did it too – “London to Jamaica, LA to Africa”.

Anyhoo, the Point.B song is something else entirely. It’s taken from the Don’t Switch Off EP out now on Frijsfo Beats.

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Posted on July 19th, 2012 // Author: Nialler9


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