There’s something very old fashioned about Blondes‘ music. Old fashioned in the dance music sense specifically. An old fashioned sense of euphoria, an old fashioned sense of aural abandonment, an old fashioned sense of hearing something through a nostalgia blender that recalls a very specific timeframe where I would listen to Breezeblock sessions and Leftfield live sets on a cassette Walkman.

There’s no escaping that feeling for me. Blondes’ self-titled debut album is made up of a collection of previously released 12″s each with a symbiotic yin and yang – ‘Lover’/’Hater’, ‘Business’/’Pleasure’, ‘Wine’/’Water’, ‘Gold’/’Amber’. It is a transport vehicle that will take you anywhere you damn please but definitely out of the now. It’s simultaneously ambient, fleeting and immersive. It has no strict form. Its exploratory jam feel lends itself to daydreaming and to intense paying attention. Sean Adams of DiS echoed a very similar sentiment in his review as it happens.

It twists and turns in a beautiful journey of noise, from the swirling synths and big beats of ‘Lover’ onto similar adventures throughout the course of its eight songs. What I take away from it (and I could be totally wrong) is the sound of two people (Sam Haar and Zach Steinman) playing music with their bodies and their minds. Not just pushing buttons or working software on a laptop screen. It feels like there’s hardware involved. Something tangible. Something that is captured, not just constructed. Something that is recorded, not outputted.

I hope to buy this on vinyl but ideally, I’d love to own it exclusively on a battered and scratched TDK D-C60 cassette tape as the format perfectly encapsulates the captured feeling of listening to this Blondes record.

Blondes is out now on RVNG.

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