Now, here’s a good idea. Combine the two brightest electronic disco-dance bands in Ireland at the moment on one 7″. Synth Eastwood will release the multi-faceted collaborative vinyl which will feature a track each from I Am The Cosmos and Ships (Both bands share a member in Cian Murphy), artwork by John Cowhie (Goodtime) on May 25th with a launch on the same night.

Both tracks are stormers – Ships‘ ‘You’re Gonna Feel It’ sounds like the best of Chromeo (i.e. – A VERY GOOD THING) with a talkie bit intro setting the mood before the killer hook comes in while I Am The Cosmos‘ ‘Take What You Want’ is decidedly moodier but has a full on Italo vibe. More of these kind of releases please Ireland.


An experimental gospel no wave soul pulp band, slurping Francophilia – Gainsbourg and Dutronc, Saint Just and Fanon, Badiou and Baurdillard – Black Power – Nina Simone, Public Enemy, James Baldwin, Fred Hampton, DJ Premier, and Fela Kuti – and Southern Gothic – William Faulkner, Nick Cave and Flannery O’Connor – into a stew thicker than bourguignon in the Algierian sun.

That’s Algiers own all-encompassing description of themselves. There’s truth to it. The band’s debut single ‘Blood’ is gripped by the dark hand of voodoo, a “slave-folk incantation”, a stumbling dystopian walk through a dusty monochrome post-world purgatory, complete with clattering chains and foreboding shadows. It sounds like an exorcism. A howl at the moon.

Algiers are from Atlanta but based in London/New York and consist of Franklin James Fisher, Ryan Mahan and Lee Tesche and according to them, they started recording songs in 2007. Their debut 7″ is available via Double Phantom.

‘Blood’ is backed with the equally tense ‘Black Eunuch’ which is filled with fiery twisted noise reminiscent of TV On The Radio and you can hear that below. This is really exciting. Watch the vid, check the 7″ tracks.

Posted on February 27th, 2012




A contender for the best record label in the world that started life as a blog, Transparent have released Therapies Son, Purity Ring, Keep Shelly In Athens, Museum Of Bellas Artes, Holy Other, Perfume Genius and Washed Out in the past and have now lined up Disclosure’s single ‘Carnival’ – a killer bass-heavy tune with sped-up soul vocals and a swirling melody. It’ll be released on 7″ backed with ‘I Love That You Know’ on June 13th.

Disclosure are the South London brother duo Guy and Howard Lawrence who are 16 and 19 years old. They released a single ‘Offline Dexterity’, on Moshi Moshi last year and remixed Everything Everything and Crystal Fighters pretty effectively as can be heard below.

Carnival by Disclosure.

Download: Disclosure – Offline Dexterity (more…)

Posted on May 3rd, 2011




To Sweden we fly, for news of the followup to Holy Other’s 7″ on Transparent’s release series. Museum of Bellas Artes are a trio of electro-pop creators from Stockholm. Both songs on this 7″ are glowing: A-side ‘Watch The Glow’ has a killer bounce and fly-away chorus while B-side ‘Who Do You Love’ (my favourite) is a cover of The Sapphires’ 1964 doo-wop tune and is Balearic pop at its finest. What’s going on in Sweden at the moment? Lots of good stuff is what.

Museum of Bellas Artes – Who Do You Love

Museum Of Bellas Artes – Watch The Glow


Posted on October 6th, 2010