A stylistic change of direction is something that might not be a smart move for an artist that has cultivated their own unique style and sound as Will Wiesenfeld has over recent Baths records. But as his side-projects Geotic and [Post-Foetus] show, there’s much more to him than glitchy electronica, and in fairness, last year’s bleak electronic album Obsidian pushed things forward sonically.

‘Ocean Death’ though is a bigger leap. Here’s a more relentless track which has more in common with beat-driven house and techno than his previous output. It’s from Ocean Death, the new EP out next week on Anticon. It’s said to share Obsidian’s dark tone overall (new material being worked on for the third album is much happier) but perhaps a minimal techno beat is a better accompaniment to the morbid sentiments than Wiesenfeld is putting across.

fol chen

fol chen
Appearing on the free Fol Chen In Ruins EP, this Baths remix has put the Anticon-released album Cerulean at the top of my listening list for this week. Will Wiesenfeld is a producer from LA steeped in the same Brainfeeder scene that Flying Lotus and Daedelus are a part of.

Fol Chen – In Ruins (Baths Remix)

After that though, this free EP and Fol Chen’s ‘The Holograms’ means I will be checking out their album Part II: The New December out on Asthmatic Kitty this month. Grab the free In Ruins EP which features remixes from Baths, Keepaway, a cover by Karin Tatoyan and more. The random video that kicked this small discovery off is after the jump.

Fol Chen – In Ruins (Radio Edit)

Fol Chen – The Holograms


Posted on July 19th, 2010


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XLR8R sits in as Anticon’s Doseone teaches his weekly freestyle class to budding Oakland MCs aged 12-18 with some help from Jel. This is very inspiring.

Doseone and Jel are Themselves and have an album out this month on Anticon called CrownsDown. A free mixtape is available here and features tunes from the album.

They play Whelan’s this Friday with Jogging. €13 in.

Posted on October 14th, 2009