With between 50-100 promo emails coming through each day, it can be hard to give due coverage to everything I’d like to feature. Here are some songs I’ve been sent which deserve more of your time and mine.

  1. A 19 year-old dude from Indiana named Joseph Denny who makes music under the name of Spirit Spine. He’s got many a blogger watching him already. He took his name from a ’70s documentary about people with severed spinal cords who still feel they can walk. His music is like an amalgamation of Dan Deacon, Panda Bear and Washed Out; playful samples and chambered arrangements that belie his Garageband production methods.

    He’s got a single Crashers (Highs And Lows) out in two weeks on Makemine Records, a 7″ label who has previously released Gold Panda, The Books and Plastic Little . You can get it from Rough Trade. An album Jungle Bridges has been released Stateside and ‘Flashes’ from that is below.

    MP3: Spirit Spine – Crashers Highs and Lows

    MP3: Spirit Spine – No Psychic

    MP3: Spirit Spine – Flashes

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Posted on February 2nd, 2010


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