imro Today, Darragh (Asleep On A Compost Heap), Shane (The Torture Garden) and I met with representatives of Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) to discuss the terms of the proposed Limited Online Exploitation Licence (LOEL) which we were asked to pay last week and kicked off a bit of a fuss this side of the internet. None of us are ultimately opposed to paying a licence but we required clarifications all the same.

IMRO were very keen to listen to our concerns about the proposed licence especially considering two of the blogs in question were strictly non-commercial. A common interest in solving this was reached. They have agreed to address our concerns internally, to explore possible solutions and to clarify the issues raised. Namely:

  • to see if there is a possibility to introduce a non-commercial licence which would cover non-commercial blogs and sites (Darragh and Shane for example).
  • to see what kind of solutions can be reached in terms of online licensing in future.
  • to consult concerned IMRO members on all of the issues in which this licence affects them, as currently, IMRO members assign their copyrights to the organisation to collect royalties but do not have any kind of opt-out or waiver for members with regards to promotional material.

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Posted on May 6th, 2010