My brain can only handle small bits of information this afternoon so it’s roundup time:

Is there a better blog around than the ‘culturally relevant’ Hipster Runoff? No there is not. Carles talks about M.I.A’s baby.

Friday also means Day and Night – you can read all my updates here including a piece about Aslan’s recent illegal download claims. Did it ever happen? Will they ever trust the internet again?

Jim Carroll has asked me to participate in Banter alongside Unarocks in a talk with a focus on new media. It’s not until bloody October 17th but there are two more ahead of that: DIY with Dylan Haskins and Niall McGuirk of Hope Collective on August 15th and the charmingly titled FINAL SCRATCH ME ARSE with Paul Webb and Tonie Walsh reflecting on Irish clubland on September 25th. Admission to Banter discussions is free, but capacity is limited. To guarantee your place, please email your name to [email protected] with Banter #2 or Banter #3 or Banter #4 in the subject line.

Interesting articles alert:
How Clint Mansell went from being a singer in the grungey band Pop Will Eat Itself to writing film scores for the stars.
Friendly Fires’ album of retro dance-pop is the sleeper on the Mercury judges’ shortlist. Fiona Sturges explains why.
Freaky Trigger looks at some of the best young music critics around.

Diplo remixes The Dead Weather’s Treat Me Like Your Mother


Posted on July 24th, 2009


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