Music blog best Brighton’s The Recommender recently held a public vote open to music bloggers around the world to decide what were the best music blogs of 2010. I’m delighted to tell you that my music bloggy peers voted Nialler9 in fifth place. Considering there are 3,800 music blogs listed on that’s a pretty good feat. It’s always nice to be recognised particularly from people in the same field so thanks to all you took the time to vote. I’d much rather place in this than win this yoke. It’s all downhill from here folks..

The top five blogs as voted were:

1. Sunset in The Rearview
2. Pigeons & Planes
3. One Thirty BPM
4. Joined – Gorilla Vs. Bear / Song By Toad
5. Nialler9

Narrowly missed out: Consequence Of Sound, Illegal Tender, Pretty Much Amazing, Stereogum and We All Want Someone To Shout For.

Posted on December 15th, 2010




imro Today, Darragh (Asleep On A Compost Heap), Shane (The Torture Garden) and I met with representatives of Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) to discuss the terms of the proposed Limited Online Exploitation Licence (LOEL) which we were asked to pay last week and kicked off a bit of a fuss this side of the internet. None of us are ultimately opposed to paying a licence but we required clarifications all the same.

IMRO were very keen to listen to our concerns about the proposed licence especially considering two of the blogs in question were strictly non-commercial. A common interest in solving this was reached. They have agreed to address our concerns internally, to explore possible solutions and to clarify the issues raised. Namely:

  • to see if there is a possibility to introduce a non-commercial licence which would cover non-commercial blogs and sites (Darragh and Shane for example).
  • to see what kind of solutions can be reached in terms of online licensing in future.
  • to consult concerned IMRO members on all of the issues in which this licence affects them, as currently, IMRO members assign their copyrights to the organisation to collect royalties but do not have any kind of opt-out or waiver for members with regards to promotional material.

From a blogger’s point of view: (more…)

Posted on May 6th, 2010



Calling all bloggers, bands, labels, managers, PR, composers and artists – this affects you.

Update: The Guardian have covered the issue below too.
Update 2: Shane (The Torture Garden) Darragh (Asleep on a Compost Heap) and myself will be meeting with IMRO on Thursday with IMRO to discuss and voice our concerns.

A few days ago I was contacted by an IMRO representative who asked me to pay for the IMRO/MCPSI Limited Online Exploitation Licence as this site “is making copyrighted music available online”. Having been involved in, a limited company, when they’ve paid this for the last two years I wasn’t hugely surprised to be contacted for this blog and asked to pay but I do think this has the potential to decimate the music blogosphere. IMRO are preparing an FAQ on this at the moment but in the meantime.. (more…)

Posted on April 28th, 2010




lipgloss Every month, MAP (Music Alliance Pact) asks 34 music bloggers (now taking entries from Estonia) across the world to share a track from their home country that they think you should hear.

This month’s Irish track is from Trophy Boyfriend.

IRELAND: Nialler9
Trophy BoyfriendBlack Ship
Despite the silly moniker, Gregor Ruigrok aka Trophy Boyfriend still managed to impress us with his first self-titled EP. He’s still at the embyronic stages having not played live or formally released anything in Ireland yet, but judging by the electro-indie of ‘Black Ship’, we certainly hope he gets out there soon.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
LipglossLand Of Lords
This band from Buenos Aires released their first EP a couple of months ago and ‘Land Of Lords’ is our favorite song from it. Lipgloss sound like they’ve been listening to British rock all their life and you sure can feel the influence of bands like The Stone Roses at the end of the song, with the psychedelic guitars and all. If you like it, you can download the entire EP directly from this link.

Posted on October 15th, 2009


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