minis It’s been a while but Barry is back and once again looking to highlight three albums which you may have missed.

Minitel RoseThe French Machine
Minitel Rose openly claim their biggest influences are the A-Team and Knightrider which explains why their artwork has a classic C64 game aesthetic. Steeped in throwbacks to a decade gone by on the outside, after listening to The French Machine you begin to see the nostalgia is pretty much cosmetic and the record fits into the modern electro canon. Their sound is unashamedly French, it succeeds in fusing the melodic sensibility of Klaxons’ with the over the top clichéd Justice synths with great success. If you like electro, this group will captivate you from start to finish with their gung-ho attitude. The only downside with this is at seven tracks, it’s very short but it’s quality not quantity and they have shown some great promise with this release.

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Posted on May 14th, 2009