Last week the 202s gave us a listen to the lead track from their EP Up In The Air, “a slice of harmonica-assisted lilting indie pop music.”

Today, the band release that EP which features a retro-electro remix of ‘Who Cares About Sunshine’ by Lights 106 and a remix of the title track by Jape, along with a demo to close things out. Give it a whirl and buy it here:

Posted on January 17th, 2017

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Six years after the release of their debut album which drew favourable reviews and comparisons to Stereolab and Broadcast from yours truly, the 202s returned last year with ‘Oh My My’.

This month, the trio return with a new four-track EP next week which will feature a Jape remix and will be available from Bandcamp.

‘Up In Thin Air’ is the lead-track from the EP, a slice of harmonica-assisted lilting indie pop music with some brightness to combat the January blues.

A second album is forthcoming from the 202s.

Check back next week for a first listen of the EP.

Posted on January 9th, 2017



MAP (Music Alliance Pact) the global music blogger mixtape is back! 24 music bloggers across the world share a track from their home country that they think you should hear.

My track this month is from the excellent 202s and I’m pretty sure this post is the only time you’ll ever an Idol winner (above) on this blog! See the full post for all 24 MP3s.

AMERICA: I Guess I’m Floating
Thing OneMop Yards
New Jersey’s Thing One have been on my radar since last year when I first heard a few tracks from their debut album You’ll Be Fine. Mop Yards brings traces of The Smiths and ELO into the new millennium with strange electronic warbles and dancey synth patches. Singer Joey Palestina creates a veritable summer anthem with the repeated line, “The heat is non-stop, hide the women in cop cars”. Whatever that means, Joey, I feel ya.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
Chau FanBoletos De Tren
Chau Fan is a boy-girl indie folk (or anti-folk?) duo from Buenos Aires, starring Micaela Quinteros and Marcelo Lares. They both sing and play acoustic guitar, and in this particular song Micaela does a charming harmonica solo. Boletos De Tren will be part of Zonaindie’s new compilation which features five songs from artists who have never had the chance to record in a professional studio (we invited them to the studio and helped them record). So consider this a MAP exclusive premiere.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
Lisa MitchellCoin Laundry
So, yeah, this could easily be an iPod Nano commercial, but catchy accessibility is hardly a terrible quality for a song to have. Who really expected a former Australian Idol finalist to produce anything of worth? This is a lovely song and I hope it gets overplayed.

Posted on April 15th, 2009



I took my cue from the list published in The Irish Times today. While that does suffer slightly from “middle-of-the-road-itis” or “lowest common denominator-list” theory (Both made up on the spot obviously), there’s nothing overtly wrong with the list as picked by Jim Carroll, Tony Clayton-Lea, Sinead Gleeson and Lauren Murphy. It’s a good representation of Irish music right now even though everybody will probably agree that there’s something missing from the list and that it favours indie or rock acts over other genres. Someone on Jim’s blog scoffed at the ability to be able to come up with 50 great Irish acts in operation right now but I’d also like to test that theory. Most lists will always favour the already-established, more well-known names who perhaps are riding on the coat-tails of former glories. That’s why all lists are pants. They are fun to make however.

As blogs are seeing as an alternative to mainstream media, I thought it’d be fun to post my own. My list was selected as an accurate representation of the 50 acts I’m most interested in hearing more of right now. These are the 50 acts who are making Irish music good enough to stick around this country in the times of recession and who are not eye-rollingly shit. The fact that it was such a piss-easy exercise and I left off loads proves that Irish music is healthier than its been for years and years. Get purchasing.

So here are the top 50 acts in Ireland, in alphabetical order I’m keenly watching right now.


Posted on April 3rd, 2009


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