Loose Joints is new podcast hosted by Nialler9 and Sally Cinnamon talking to people about the music they love: old and new. For our first episode, we are joined by DJ, artist and photographer Aidan Kelly.

We discuss what really goes on in the DFA house, the majesty and tragedy of Amy, the return of Jazz music, Aidan’s desire to have a cup of tea with Liz Fraser in Bewley’s, why Sally thought Talking Heads were a band for kids and why Paul Simon would make a great secondary school teacher. Some NSFW language in there too.

Download: Loose Joints Podcast #1: Aidan Kelly (100MB, 1hr 44mins)

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  1. Emmanuelle – Italove (Niall)
  2. De La Soul – Trainwreck (Aidan)
  3. Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away (Sally)
  4. Breakup song: Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (Aidan)
  5. Breakup song: Bill Withers – Hope She’ll Be Happier With Him
  6. Anderson Paak. – Celebrate (Niall)
  7. A song that reminds you of good times: Sack – In Flight (Aidan)
  8. Lower Dens – Real Thing (Sally)
  9. Favourite song of the year: Plaid – Clock (Aidan)
  10. Favourite singer: Elizabeth Frazier – Mazzy Star – Pur (Aidan)
  11. Serpentwithfeet – four ethers
  12. An underappreciated song: Paul Simon – Late in the evening (Aidan)

Special thanks to Sean Corcoran for facilitating recording.

Posted on October 4th, 2016

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If you’re going to make it in pop, you better have a good hairdresser. Just ask Brian May, Gene Simmons, Aretha Franklin, Busta Rhymes and Stevie Nicks. Here are ten of my favourite hair icons in music. Check out the Irish Independent’s Insider Magazine today for this week’s list of Summer Jams.

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Little Richard – Tutti Frutti

The ’50s entertainer and his shiny conk were ahead of their time, predating Prince by a good 27 years. With his pencil-thin mustache at the age of 81, he still looks like an original rock’n’roller.

Elvis Presley – I Need Your Love Tonight

The most famous quiff in pop culture left millions weak at the knees.

T-Rex – Ride A White Swan

As Glam as rock’n’roll got in the follicle department, Marc Bolan combined his perm with eyeliner and painted teardrops for the “I ain’t no square / with my corkscrew hair” look.

David Bowie – Suffragette City

The long red mulleted mane helped define Bowie’s most famous creation. No not the Jareth in Labyrinth, Ziggy Stardust of course!

Rick James – Bustin’ Out (On Funk)

The funkateer was inspired by the Masai Tribe to put braids into his hair. He went larger than any of them by adding beads too.

The Cure – The Lovecats

Robert Smith’s messy goth crop is the definition of two things: a) teenage rebellion and b) the outcome of accidentally poring a can of Coke on your head. Hair don’t cry.

Sinead O’Connor – Mandinka

A bigger statement than any hair style, still to this day for any woman, is a bald head. Interestingly, in the Nothing Compares 2 U video, O’Connor actually has some hair on her head.

Amy Winehouse – Rehab

As infamous as her voice, her troubles with addiction and her relationship, Amy’s beehive stayed tall and bouffant through it all.

Sia – Chandelier

The Australian singer’s blonde crop is iconic enough, it started a #siaselfie picture meme earlier this year.

La Roux – Bulletproof

A more subtle homage to the towering achievements of ’80s hair pop icons A Flock Of Seagulls, Elly Jackson’s wavy ginger cut looks like it got caught in a wind tunnel.

Posted on June 26th, 2014


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