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Continuing the four part series this week, in no particular order, in which various artists, media and music fans I trust answer the question: “What are your five best new musical discoveries of the year?” Their answers were then rummaged through by me and I picked a cross-section list of 40 of the most interesting, diverse new artists from their choices.

Thanks to Muiris Dunworth for creating a Spotify playlist of 34 of the artists. A Deezer version is here.
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Posted on November 21st, 2012


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Wallpaper by 400 Facts. Click to enlarge.

For our 41st podcast Aoife and I got ourselves a better audio setup with two pro microphones (thanks to all who helped with that) and took a return aural trip to Canada via  the Caribbean, Cambridge, Malmo, Manchester, LA and New York. Better equipment also means you can hear our dog Daffodil barking from downstairs throughout if you listen closely but I trust it won’t detract from these 13 songs, which are some of the finest I’ve heard over six weeks and collected together. Also, Bruce Willis makes an appearance. You’ll just have to listen.

MP3: Nialler9 Podcast #41

See the tracklisting..

Posted on August 27th, 2012

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