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DJ Seinfeld – ‘U’

Lo-fi house it may have been dubbed due to its pisstakey name and peers (Ross From Friends, DJ Boring) but backlash aside, DJ Seinfeld’s music is proven to have a big heart as well as a sense of humour. ‘U’ is warm and emotive and even manages to turn a Bob Geldof sample into something sweet.

DJ Seinfeld plays Galway on NYE and Dublin at Hangar on January 14th. His recent release on Lobster Theremin.


Bonobo feat. Rhye – ‘Break Apart’

Rhye, the music of Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal has an elegant quality to it. When paired with Simon Green’s lush soundscapes as Bonobo, it’s a fruitful match. The song is from the forthcoming album Migration which will also feature Nick Murphy (FKA Chet Faker), Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters and Moroccan band Innov Gnawa. You may have heard previous song ‘Kerala’ and it’s Gemma-Arterton-starring video.


All The People – ‘Beach Club’

Smooth soulful indie atmosphere from All The People, who are three brothers Ashley, Simon and Curtis from the UK.

‘It’s reminiscent of memories of our childhood summers spent in caravan parks on the south coast where the actual beach club we refer to still stands. It actually started life as pure house track and then we played around with harmonies & took inspiration lyrically from ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gabrain shaping it into a slightly melancholy, nostalgic song’

A debut album called R Together is to be released in March.


St. Francis Hotel — ‘You’d Gotta Be Alive’

St. Francis Hotel are a new Irish act/producers based in London who have released three songs thus far but have done enough to be noticed by the wider world via KCRW, The Line of Best Fit, Clash, BBC Six Music and Spotify.

They previously featured here as producers of the song ‘Writer’s Block’ with Lixo and Trim but their own music is much more band-based, psychedelic rock, synth atmosphere with pop tones, as heard on debut ‘Mondello’ and its reprise of sorts ‘Beyond Mondello’ below.

The duo (names unknown) met in London after emigrating to Dublin during the recession.

Newest song ‘You’d Gotta Be Alive’ is the best of the three: a soulful psychedelic groove with falsetto and laid-back atmospheric vibes.

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Ta’East – ‘Withtheshit’

Over two years since the rapper Ta’East first featured on Nialler9, the San Diego rapper finally dropped his music acknowledging the wait with the title “>OK, I’m Ready, which features his first handful of tracks including this individual track.


Kemt – ‘100 Reasons’

A smooth lo-fi-leaning house jam from a Parisian producer that autoplayed on Soundcloud for me earlier this week. Sound! Buy the track.


Formation – ‘Powerful People’ (Krystal Klear Remix)

Dec Krystal Klear adds some synth-disco propulsion to Formation’s new single ‘Powerful People’. No official release yet.

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Posted on December 12th, 2016

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There was disappointment a few weeks ago when Bjork cancelled all her festival appearances including the November hometown shows at Iceland Airwaves.

Hot Chip were added last week to soften the blow and today, the festival have added 120 bands to the lineup including Kiasmos, Nao, Galway/London band The Drink, Chastity Belt, Formation, Lonelady, Anna B Savage and more. Wowair fly direct to Reykjavik from Dublin now. Ticket info is here. Full list below.

Full list:

  • Agzilla
  • Amit
  • Arnljótur
  • Art is Dead
  • Auður
  • Ave (FO)
  • Bárujárn
  • Beneath
  • Bistro Boy
  • Blaue Blume (DK)
  • Brilliantinus
  • BRNS (BE)
  • Börn
  • Bianca Casady and The C.I.A (US/FR)
  • Cell7
  • Chastity Belt (US)
  • Cheddy Carter
  • Chili and the Whalekillers (AT/IS)
  • Dad Rocks! (DK)
  • DALÍ
  • Daveeth
  • DJ Elvar
  • Dream Wife
  • The Drink (UK)
  • Döpur
  • Jóhann Eíríksson
  • Epic Rain
  • Exos
  • FM Belfast
  • Formation (UK)
  • French for Rabbits (NZ)
  • FURA
  • Gangly
  • Geislar
  • ghostigital
  • Good Moon Deer
  • Kut Grapje
  • Great Mountain Fire (BE)
  • Grúska Babúska
  • Stafrænn Hákon
  • H.dór
  • Halleluwah
  • HAM
  • Elín Helena
  • Hide Your Kids
  • Hjaltalín
  • Mike Hunt
  • Hymnalaya
  • Jack Magnet Quintet
  • Gunnar Jónsson Collider
  • JoyCut (IT)
  • Just Another Snake Cult
  • Justman
  • Kiasmos
  • Klassart
  • Magnús Leifur
  • Mikael Lind
  • Lonelady (UK)
  • Lord Pusswhip
  • Lucy in Blue
  • Holly Macve (UK)
  • Mafama
  • Mankan
  • Manu Delago Handmade (AT)
  • Andri Már
  • Meat Wave (US)
  • Jafet Melge
  • Milkywhale
  • MIRI
  • Mógil
  • Momentum + Malneirophrenia
  • Flo Morrissey (UK)
  • Mosi Musik
  • My Bubba
  • Nao (UK)
  • Nordic Affect
  • Oculus
  • Odinn
  • Ohm
  • Oyama
  • Par-Ðar
  • Plasmic
  • Porches. (US)
  • Serengeti by President Bongo
  • Ojba Rasta
  • Red Barnett
  • Royal
  • Ruxpin
  • Rúnar Thórisson
  • Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band
  • Anna B Savage (UK)
  • Jónas Sen
  • Severed
  • Shades of Reykjavik
  • Andy Shauf (CA)
  • Mr. Silla
  • Sin Fang
  • Mr.Signout
  • Sindri Eldon & the Ways
  • Sinmara
  • Sisí Ey
  • Skelkur í bringu
  • Skurken
  • Snooze Infinity
  • Stereo Hypnosis
  • Sykur
  • Telekinetic Walrus (US)
  • Thor
  • Tuff Love (UK)
  • Vaginaboys
  • Helgi Valur
  • VAR
  • Arni Vector
  • Verveine (CH)
  • The Vintage Caravan
  • Waage
  • Wesen
  • When ‘airy met fairy (LU)
  • Yagya
  • Yamaho
  • Þórir Georg
  • Þórunn Antonía og Bjarni
  • Æla

Posted on August 25th, 2015


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