Wicklow duo Gumshoe have dropped a few sweet tunes on their Youtube channel, as featured on Nialler9 last year.

Their new track ‘Forgotten Weapons’ has an aquatic beat production feel and is accompanied by a video by Sean Gallagher starring Miriam Keegan.

As the duo tell it:

Keegan plays a woman who falls into lucid and maniac states throughout the video, trying to paint what she sees as she loses her mind. It was shot partly at the Hell Fire club in Dublin and partly in the art studio of Andrew Hopkins, a local artist who we have collaborated with to put together a collection of paintings that work in concerto with the sound of our forthcoming EP ‘Sun Kisses The Moon’. The tracks and artwork combined were meant to tell the listener a story within their own imagination, through tracks 1-7. “forgotten weapons” being the closing track is the last glimmer of this conceptual world and indeed the exit from it.

Posted on March 22nd, 2017


There’s not much info out there about Wicklow duo Gumshoe, but they sent across this track from their forthcoming from Sun Kisses The Moon release.

Shannakie and Yam Faddah’s ‘yom kippur’ is an instrumental track with post-dub ambience and a bubbling percussive feel with a title taken from the Jewish day of atonement, which was last week.

It meanders pleasantly and the visuals are by Carrot Gold Enterprises.

Another track ‘Ducati’ is on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Posted on October 17th, 2016