‘“Stand On The Word”’ is a song that is steeped in club culture history.

The original recording was made in 1982 by Phyliss McKoy Joubert and the children of the Celstial Choir at the First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, New York. A gospel album called Somebody Prayed For This was recorded and ‘Stand On The Word’ was the first song Joubert had written.

A club version of the track has been a firm favourite at clubs around the world since then, including Dublin’s very own Mother, who regularly finish nights with the song.

The club version is often credited to Larry Levan but another story has emerged in recent years, crediting George Rodriguez and Tony Humphries with the remix that has been heard out for the last 30 years. RBMA gives an extensive run down.

Levan certainly was responsible for playing the song at Paradise Garage, though there are claims his grandmother was part of the First Baptist Church and has was present at the recording. Regardless, Levan definitely helped to popularise it but he did not remix it.

Phyllis McKoy Joubert and The Joubert Singers meanwhile have recorded a new version of the song, prompted by French electronic producer Julien Jabre who heard the remixes of the song credited to Levan. Jabre organised a new recording to take place at Trackfire studios in Newark, New Jersey. Her son, David, played the piano and while they were they, they ended up recording an entire album including original songs written by Phyliss and several covers.

The new album, also called Stand On The Word has been released along with a new Dimitri From Paris remix.

In any version, the song is a joyous and euphoric song designed to lift spirits of any creed. That’’s how the Good Lord works.


Posted on September 8th, 2016


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Dance music legend Larry Levan is interwoven into the history of DJing in the 20th century. Via his influential DJ sets at the Paradise Garage in New York from 1977 to 1987 which lead to the formation of the garage house sound (Essential reading: Bill Brewster’s Last Night A DJ Save My Life ), the breaking of many records and his studio production work which lead to his 12″ remixes, still the backbone of many a record bag.

Last year, a limited 12″ trailing the release of an edits compilation Genius Of Time was released on Record Store Day and today, that full length compilation has a release date of March 25th.

Featuring Levan’s versions of Gwen Guthrie, Grace Jones, Arthur Russell’s Loose Joints, Smokey Robinson and Peech Boys among others, these are mixes of originals that catch fire on the dancefloor, as well as telling an alternative early history of club culture.

Unlike the RSD release, there’s no vinyl version planned for now for some reason, it’s CD and download only.

Pre-order: Amazon | iTunes.

You could do worse than spend an afternoon (or 40 hours) listening to this Larry Levan Spotify playlist:


1 NYC Peech Boys ‘Life Is Something Special (Special Edition)’
2 Syreeta ‘Can’t Shake Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)’
3 Gwen Guthrie ‘Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)’
4 Man Friday ‘Love Honey, Love Heartache (A Larry Levan Mix)’
5 Merc & Monk ‘Carried Away (Larry Levan Remix)’
6 Dee Dee Bridgewater ‘Bad For Me (Larry Levan Mix)’
7 Bert Reid ‘Groovin’ With You (Vocal, Levan Edit)’
8 Tramaine ‘The Rock (Garage Vocal Version)’
9 Man Friday ‘Groove (Larry’s Yaw)’
10 Jimmy Ross ‘First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Remix)’
11 Gwen Guthrie ‘Seventh Heaven (Levan Mix)’


1 David Joseph ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)’
2 Grace Jones ‘Feel Up (Larry Levan Mix)’
3 Gwen Guthrie ‘It Should Have Been You (Larry Levan Mix)’
4 Loose Joints ‘Tell Me (Today) (Larry Levan Mix)’
5 Esther Williams ‘I’ll Be Your Pleasure (Larry Levan Mix)’
6 Man Friday ‘Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix)’
7 Central Line ‘Walking Into Sunshine (Special Mix)’
8 Jeffrey Osborne ‘Plane Love (Specially Remixed Version – Larry Levan Remix)’
9 Gwen Guthrie ‘Peanut Butter (Long Vocal) Larry Levan Remix)’
10 Smokey Robinson ‘And I Don’t Love You (Instrumental Dub)’
11 Peech Boys ‘Don’t Make Me Wait (Extended Version)’

Posted on February 3rd, 2016