The music TV show, Other Voices had a whirlwind of activity in the last year: extending itself far beyond its Dingle enclave to take in jaunts to Derry and London. To three locations, a few dozen international artists travelled to participate in the series.

2013 for the series has been about growth and extending into other mediums not just places as Other Voices’ online content became much more visible and the team dipped into a tech angle for the next series. Before that happens though, the music remains number one and as such, Deezer have two volumes of live recordings from the series for you to listen to featuring songs from Series 10. Volume 1 features Cherry Ghost, Frank Turner, Band of Skulls, Iarla Ó Lionáird, We Cut Corners (I particularly like Triur’s ‘Feabhra’) while Volume 2 features The Frames, Lisa Hannigan, Mick Flannery, Edwyn Collins, Ham Sandwich, Ambience Affair, Fred and more. There’s also volumes from the previous series‘ up on the platform too.

Vol 1

Volume 2 …&rarr’

Posted on September 27th, 2013


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Update: A few people have taken issue with my opinions below. Let me just stress this, I wrote this from my own view of why I felt trad was reinvigorated. I didn’t intend to make grand statements about trad music as a whole, I’m not a trad ‘expert’. The article title was intended to refer to my reasons (and to draw people in to reading it), i.e. five artists I wanted to shine some light on it their field to my audience and not some big statement designed to offend people who devote their lives to traditional music in Ireland.

Trad is as big a part of our heritage as it’s perceived that Aran jumpers, sheep, Guinness and leprechauns are. So it’s not surprising that the genre of music, in terms of a modern context, is often maligned as old-fogey music or music for pubs and rural areas. It’s understandable that trad will be disregarded by succeeding generations who hit upon their twenties who have grown up with it their whole lives in favour of a Skrillex drop or the more global R&B chart pop or something.

But there are movements afoot. Just as those who said the Irish language would die out were proven wrong by a reclamation of the language in the last 15 years by the very people who hated studying it in Irish schools (its neverending grammar and distinct lack of speaking the actual thing was the definition of no craic), so too, is Irish trad being reclaimed, being pulled back from the brink of its own folk obscurity and a lot of that work is being lead by a few individuals. Here are five reasons why Irish trad music is now very much modern music.
Five reasons why Irish trad rocks in 2012…→

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The opening night of Other Voices’ tenth year was marked by homecomings to the remote Atlantic peninsula town of Dingle. The place has become a haven for music fans over the last ten years every December. The musicians themselves are drawn to this place regardless of the now annual Other Voices gatherings finding refuge and a conductive atmosphere for creativity at other times of the year. Of the first night’s lineup, The Coronas call it their second home during their performance, Little Green Cars recently visited to try out the acoustics for a radio broadcast in the intimate setting of St. James’ church where the TV recordings take place (a capacity of 80), The Frames’ Glen Hansard recounts how the nearby town of Ventry has given the band space and time to record songs such as ‘Santa Maria’, which draws inspiration from the shipwreck of the Santa Maria de la Rosa of the Spanish Armada in 1588 at Dunmore Head.

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