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GavinDaVinci is looking for ‘Sexxx & Parties’ on new PX Music single

PX Music are continuing a golden streak of stellar releases with ‘Sexxx & Parties’, a sesh anthem that would leave your mam up in a heap with GavinDaVinci on production and MC duties.

Employing grime-influenced production, ‘Sexxx & Parties’ is a non-stop blast of energy. Ridiculously obnoxious and unrelenting basslines lay down the foundation for a straight-up barrage of drug-related fun. Coming in at just over 2 minutes, the track features a characteristically distinct verse from Limerick rapper Hazey Haze as well as a tongue-in-cheek flow from GavinDaVinci himself.

‘Sexxx & Parties’ is a raucous good times song that is set to go down a storm live and further establishes PX Music as one of the strongest hubs of Irish hip-hop.

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