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Hello, it’s Niall here, the founder of Nialler9.

I have something personal to ask of you.

The short of it – We need your support on Patreon.

The longer story.

Nialler9 started as a personal blog in 2005 where I started writing about music I loved in my spare time. It quickly became a larger concern and is now an influential outlet for new music, locally in Ireland and internationally 14 years later. About 65,000 people visit Nialler9 every month but the mechanics of the finances of running a music site has always remained tough. As music and media have changed, and as the brand and site has grown, so too have the demands of making things with some reliable degree of stability.

To do that, we have to rely on the engagement of brands and agencies on ads on the site and campaigns around it, so that we can generate income to pay both myself, our small team of contributors and pay for office space, hosting etc.

The number of people visiting Nialler9 regularly has remained steady or slowly growing but, as you know yourself, the cost of living and working in Dublin and  “monetizing” what we do is always a grind.

We offer all our content on the site for free and have done for its existence, but we think the value we provide has worth that can be shown with your financial support.

So, I have a small favour to ask of you.

If Nialler9 has ever helped you discover music that changed your life or helped you see your favourite bands, entertained you or given you a new perspective on music, then please support us on Patreon so we can continue our endeavours.

Your support enables us to pay our writers directly, make podcasts, daily music content, and continue shining a light on new music and artists who deserve your attention.

In return, we offer you member-only content like themed & personalised playlists, a subscriber-only podcast, DJ mixes, merch, a monthly radio show, ticket giveaways, first listens, regular guestlist & discounts to events. 

No-one likes asking for money, but if you value what we do then please join at whatever level you can.

Our reward tiers range from $5 a month but you can give whatever you like through the custom pledge.

Thanks for reading, listening and supporting.

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