The Rubberbandits’ top 5 new artists of 2011

To conclude the new artist series of guest posts, we have an exclusive collection of The Rubberbandits‘ top 5 new artists of 2011. Blind Boy Boat Club and Mr Chrome have just released their pretty serious double album Serious About Men which contains the earworms that are ‘Spoiling Ivan’, ‘Black Man’, ‘Up Da Ra’ and ‘Spastic Hawk’ amongst other amazing and lovely hits. To win a copy of the album leave a comment on this Facebook post before Christmas Day. If you win it’ll be a lovely January surprise. Over the lads….

Oh Boy. What a year 2011 has been for music. As requested by Niall of the 9 hostages we have assembled a list of what we think are the 5 best new artists of 2011. We have selected two Irish entries.. Dublin rap crew Greenzer, Spliff Richard and MC KATONIC who are telling like it is in post Celtic Tiger Ireland and also Cork based industrial act “The squealers” which we have on good authority is the side project of well known actor Cillian Murphy. Among the lesser known names we have bigger acts such as Sweden’s “The Gasyard Gascoignes” and New York’s controversial “Whiskey Disco and the Boy Negro”. Our number one Selection “Babyrock And the Casio Cloakroom” deserves a special mention for having the unique achievement of operating as an act for the past 5 years despite being a newcomer….

1. ‘Septic Banks’ by Greenzer, Spliff Richard and MC KATONIC feat Jenna Side

2. ‘Mystery Man’ by The Gasyard Gascoignes

3. ‘Midnight Phone Call’ by The Squealers

2. ‘The Faggots are under the Stairs’ by Whiskey Disco and the Boy Negro

1. ‘Our Handsome Dad’ by Babyrock and the Casio Cloakroom

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