Three and a half years later, the Nialler9 Podcast has been revived from the dead and appropriately, the second episode arrives at Halloween time so the theme is synthesizers in all their spooky John Carpenter-inspired glory, unsettling rhythms and Samhain disco.

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  1. Sylk – Am I Alone
  2. The SM Corporation – Hammer
  3. NA – B Storm
  4. Mathman – Asylum
  5. VHS Head – Red Lens Effect
  6. Death Grips – Guillotine
  7. Symmetry – Blod Sport
  8. Mike Simonetti – The Magician
  9. Pye Corner Audio – We Have Visitors
  10. Enya – Boadicea
  11. Psyche – The Saint Became A Lush
  12. Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing
  13. Goblin – Tenebre
  14. Daphni – Vulture
  15. Forbidden Fruits – Disco Halloween
  16. Yvonne Gage – Doin It In a Haunted House
  17. Charlie –  Space Woman
  18. Not Waving & Marie Davidson – Where Are We
  19. Dat Oven – Icy Lake
  20. Suicide – Rocket USA
  21. John Carpenter – Escape From New York
  22. Oneohtrix Point Never & Iggy Pop – The Pure & The Damned

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Posted on October 28th, 2017


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A Halloween series special today with posts dedicated to music that creates an uneasy, spooky, chilling or scary atmosphere… See Halloween for all posts in the series.

“Slow burn disco and John Carpenter are fairly irresistible when blended,” is how John Kowalski of Solar Bears described this to me. And he’s right, the mix of dream-inducing lo-fi synthesizer spirals, pulsating bass and a disco rhythm are very suggestive of the famous horror director’s movie soundtracks. Pye Corner Audio is British composer Martin Jenkins, a musician who takes sounds from the Radiophonic workshop library and manipulates them as the Head Technician, a somewhat ominous name totally suitable to a horror villain. He has four releases of analogue experimental instrumental music available on Bandcamp; The Head Technician’s Generosity, three volumes of the Black Mill Tapes and a new one, called Sleep Games (Soundcloud samples). ‘We Have Visitors’ is taken from Black Mill Tapes Volume 1.


Posted on October 31st, 2012