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For sponsored content, advertising, campaign involvement get in touch with Michael.


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Independent Irish artists only – guarantees consideration.
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Music supervision & sync licensing

Niall is available for music searches for use in brand and agency projects including TV advertisements, film, trailers, in-flight entertainment etc with an emphasis on emerging Irish music. Full info on this page.



Some more info for bands & PR sending music for consideration

I try to listen to everything I get sent but due to the high volume of emails coming in, it is now very difficult. Please don’t chase up after you’ve sent an email – I will read the first one even if it takes me a few weeks. If I don’t get in touch, please don’t take it personally – I have only a finite amount of time to listen to the music sent to me. I don’t now have the time to respond to all emails that come in looking for a feature, premiere or pitch but rest assured, I’ve considered your music and would be in touch if was interested in featuring.

TL;DR: I prefer streaming first, download second.

Please consult my Band Tips guide to contacting bloggers at First Music Contact or my more recent Irish Times contribution on the same subject before you get in touch. Please try and give as much advance of the release as possible as it often takes me a few weeks to get through everything sent in.

If you are sending music. I prefer it sent in this order: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, direct link to streams, Youtube or other hosted service. You should only send email attachments if requested. Public or private streams are good. Requiring downloads not so much


Gig news, festival press releases & live info

[email protected]. I only feature stuff of interest to the site and its audience in Dublin/Cork in the weekly Gig Guide so please don’t be offended if I don’t feature you. Festivals and really special non-regular events I want to hear from you.

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