General queries

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Personal email –  collabs, event bookings, DJ queries, general queries, business contacts, ideas and direct contact. No music promo  here please. See below.

 Advertising & Sponsorship

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For sponsored content, advertising, campaign involvement get in touch with Michael McDermott.

Sending us music or gig listings?

There are three emails:

[email protected]

Promos,  track streams, premiere offers, album links & releases.

[email protected]

As above but exclusively for Irish artists – we listen to everything we get sent here.

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For gig listings, festivals and events only.


Music supervision & sync licensing

Niall is available for music searches for use in brand and agency projects including TV advertisements, film, trailers, in-flight entertainment etc with an emphasis on emerging Irish music. Full info on this page.

Some more info for bands & PR sending music for consideration

Some general advice for new artists sending out music.

Please try and give as much advance of the release as possible as it often takes me a few weeks to get through everything sent in. Ideally a month to six weeks.

If you are sending songs, make it as easy as possible for people to hear your music:

  • Immediate streaming links to songs (Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, DISCO etc) with an option  to download tracks.
  • A simple email with some info on the release, bio, release dates, social links and links to hi-res photos and downloads (avoid attachments)
  • The use of mini online sites like Adobe Spark or a private website link featuring all of the info is preferable to a designed attached PDF EPK.
  • Don’t require downloading  of the files for to hear first. You can offer downloads of tracks and photos via Dropbox, Google Drive etc (also suitable for radio).
  • Generally, try to reduce the number of clicks  it takes for someone to hear your music.

I try to listen to everything I get sent but due to the high volume of emails coming in, it is now very difficult. Please don’t chase up after you’ve sent an email – I will read the first one even if it takes me a few weeks. If I don’t get in touch, please don’t take it personally – I have only a finite amount of time to listen to the music sent to me. I don’t have the time to respond to all emails  unfortunately that come in looking for a feature, premiere or pitch but rest assured, I’ve considered your music and would be in touch if was interested in featuring.

Gig news, festival press releases & live info

[email protected]

Gig inclusion at the editor’s discretion. I only feature stuff of interest to the site and its audience. Festivals and really special events I want to hear from you.

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