The Go! Team

The Go! Team
Pitchfork just debuted the first track from The Go! Team’s new album Rolling Blackouts which is out in January on Memphis Industries. An interview with founding member Ian Parton reveals that the album will feature guest appearances from Best Coast and Deerhoof , live brass courtesy of community bands, an African gospel choir, psychedelic hip-hop and “BBC Radiophonic Workshop theme-tuney, interlude-type songs”.

Let’s hope the production on it is not as white-hot compression wise as Proof Of Youth. There’s also a UK tour in February. Read the interview.

The Go! Team – T.O.R.N.A.D.O

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Posted on October 15th, 2010 // Author: Nialler9


2 Responses to “New: The Go! Team – T.O.R.N.A.D.O”

  1. Spikebroderick

    you think there was too much compression on the last album? is that why it sounded blander than the first? sounds like just as much ‘pression on this one

    • Nialler9

      Absolutely. Too abrasive on the ears – non stop loudness equals tired ears. Yeh, judging my the Soundcloud waveform it might be the same story here but we’ll see.



  1.  The Go! Team “T.O.R.N.A.D.O.” (stream)

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