Listen to an exclusive track from Tebi Rex that features on our Dublin Is Sound vinyl for our Musictown all-ages gig

Get an exclusive listen to the Tebi Rex song ‘Lotus Eaters’.

Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul & Public Enemy are playing Dublin TOGETHER

No joke. Three of the most influential rap groups in history –…

Kneecap embrace their provocative status with the incendiary ‘H.O.O.D.’

Kneecap have been causing provocation with their embrace of the memeification of IRA sloganeering.

Craic Boi Mental puts haters on notice with new SESH FM-directed video

From the brilliant mind behind the Somewhere In Ireland series.

Premiere: Caleb & Walshy are from either side of the Irish Sea and making waves on Terminal 27 Mixtape

Fresh new hip-hop sound from the London/Dublin duo.

Who is Craic Boi Mental anyway? Get to know “Ireland’s greatest popstar”

After the beefs, comes the Cork City Anthems mixtape.

Tebi Rex go hard & explore the personal hero narrative with ‘No. 1 Symbol Of Peace’

Tebi Rex, Matt O’Baoill and Max Zanga are two young Maynooth lads…

Limerick hip-hop continues to shine in ongoing video series

The Somewhere in Ireland series has been something of a happening in…

Premiere: Waterford’s Alex Gough starts his morning the right way with ‘Breakfast’

It’s the first material we’ve heard from the rapper since 2018’s ‘Afraidofmoney’.

Mango X Mathman offer up a mighty tribute to pirate radio on ‘No Surrender F.M.’

The duo’s first track of 2019 goes HARD.

Premiere: Nealo is pushing things forward on new track ‘Just My Luck’ with Molly Sterling

The high fidelity new single features guest vocals from Molly Sterling and an instrumental from INNERSPACE.

Luka Palm’s new song is all about love on the ‘Nightlink’ home

The Softboy MC is also joined by a few of his label mates on his new single.

Bitter Roc & Flynn Johnson go dark for the ‘Man Cub’ video

The Dublin producer and rapper make things quickly.

God Knows & Denise Chalia among many highlights on Sim Simma Soundsystem’s collaborative EP

Don’t sleep on this.

TPM are the only MCs are saying F**k The Law and F**k RTÉ

The Dundalk brothers don’t want to pay the TV licence

Messiah J And The Expert’s full back catalogue is now available to stream / download

The duo’s four albums from 2003 until 2009 are now on Bandcamp.

More Limerick wordsmiths take on the daily grind in new ‘Somewhere in Ireland’ videos

Two weeks ago, this very parish hopped on the first in an…

Jafaris brings the goods on ‘Time’

A debut album Stride is also announced for March 8th.

Rusangano Family collaborator Denise Chaila raps about what it means to be a ‘female rapper’ in 2019

“This song came from long conversations and reflections about what it means to be a ‘female rapper’.”

All City to release Gangster Music Vol. 1 featuring Kaytranada, Madlib, Jeremiah Jae, Kojaque, Onra, Jonwayne & more

The Gangster Doodles compilation is out on the Dublin label on March 1st.