I interviewed one of my favourite MCs last week. He is definitely my favourite UK MC. Quite a character. He mostly talked about his obsession with Father Ted. Mostly. Read it here.

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2 Responses to “How the fuck do I have no trousers on?”

  1. Markham

    That’s a cracking interview, man. Love it.

    Most entertaining I ever had was trying to interview Sharon Shannon, she in Galway, me in Australia on an ailing mobile phone. She was great, left about five messages trying to get me after my phone died: ‘Sharon here Markham, just trying you again. I’m off out to walk the dogs on the beach now but if you want to catch me on on the mobile….”
    “Sharon here again…..erm……I’m back from walking the dogs. Okay, bye.”


    Then she talked about plucking her songs out of thin air from the voices that swirled all around her. Great interviewee. Lovely person.


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