Your live show, the one I experienced in Berlin at least, was raucously brilliant, with two drummers and a second pianist facing you on the stage – and I hope you take this the right way but it reminded me of the famed Donald and Daffy Duck Looney Tunes piano battle. How have you honed your live show?

Daffy was a fantastic pianist so that’s a compliment. My live show is one thing is one thing I can really say I’m very proud of. I really think about every little detail but at the same time I love setting up a game and letting things happen. What you saw was a festival show called Double Penetration. The show you’ll see in Dublin, The Solo Piano Talk Show will be much more closeup. That was a wide shot. What I’m going to do in Dublin is much more intimate. For me, it’s much more complete. It has all the same intensity but a crazy range of other insanity.

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