“Born like this / Into this / As the chalk faces smile / As Mrs Death laughs / As the elevators break / As political landscapes dissolve.”

(‘Cellz’, Born Like This, 2009)

Born Like This is another brilliant DOOM album, dispensing with the MF and “all big letters but it isn’t no acronym” this time around and pairing up a raspier Daniel Dumile up with Ghostface, Raekwon, Dilla beats and more cartoon samples. That’s flawless enough for me. As an added bonus we got the extra track of the album which is Mr Radiohead’s singer remixing ‘Gazzillion Ear’ somewhere between the cracks of his own Eraser material and Modeselektor.

DOOM – Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke remix)

I’d love to post a track from the album but Lex Records have kinda asked nicely not to post tracks from the it (so I hope the bonus track is OK). Anyway you can listen to the whole album @ You should just buy it anyway.

Also, DOOM interview with Clash Magazine.

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6 Responses to “MP3: Thom Yorke remixes DOOM”

  1. chris

    really loving the Doom album, he’s one of the few mcs out there who can make me laugh out loud at the sheer inventiveness of his lyrics. As politcally incorrect as it might be, that tune ‘Batty Boys’ is fantastic. Has anyone else in hiphop ever used the term ‘yucky’ in a tune before? And as for ‘rectal hysterectomies’….unpleasant but genius…looking fwd to hearing the remix when i get home.


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