Dublin’s This Greedy Pig are known for their DJing, design and delving into culture on their website but they’re about to showcase another passion they have – for (crate)digging with the establishment of a record label wing called The Pig’s Ear which is expected to include house, disco and hip­-hop.

The first release on the label comes out this week, and is from a long-time established name in Irish electronic music Hystereo, Conor Murphy and Jack Byrne. It’s a two track release, ‘Aquarium’ and ‘Outbound to Wonderland’, digitally on iTunes, Beatport.

Here’s a listen to ‘Aquarium’, a deceptively simple-sounding piece of rolling dance music that goes deep.

The release party is on Friday at Camden Court’s new DoughBoys sandwich shop (gig guide).


Skelocrats will return with a new album Bella Bella later this month with a stronger melodic swing to their music. In January ‘Lyin’ Eyes‘ gave us our first preview and ‘Zirconium Heart’ further cements it which the band say is akin “new-wavey robo-pop that manages to evoke both Talking Heads and a Eurovision entry from another dimension”.

Bobby Aherne of No Monster Club, who himself had an excellent video yesterday made a video for the track which centres on a lo-fi robot/human Blind-Date style TV show.

Tour dates

17th April, Bello Bar, Dublin (Bella Bella launch party with Ginnels and Switzerland)
9th May, Sweeney’s, Dublin w/ Cruising and Cave Ghosts
14th May, Roisin Dubh, Galway w/ Paddy Hanna

Posted on March 11th, 2015



Tame Impala have been one of those bands I just didn’t get when they surged into enough of a common knowledge that allowed them to sell out the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, as an example.

But HOLY GOD, this new song, ‘Let It Happen’ is one of those reasons why you have to give bands second chances time and time again. A sprawling eight minute song which plays on their past established psych-rock sound but lifts them to somewhere that’s modern – a quality I always appreciate. Perhaps the process has changed. The song is built like an extended 12″ version and takes on more electronic textures into its middle before bursting into serene talk box and a robot funk guitar lick. Daft Punk could be an influence on the track as one Soundcloud commenter said – “Sounds like Daft Punk and Metronomy having sex on a Mustang backseat.”

Perhaps Kevin Parker’s excellent collaboration with Mark Ronson – ‘Daffodils’ has rubbed off too. The thrill of listening to a song like this is why I do what I do.


Last night, a select Dublin audience got a full headphones listen to Sufjan’s new album Carrie & Lowell (March 27th), an album that addresses his mother’s death and which pats down his sonics to the folk-style of his earlier work.

‘Should Have Known Better’ stays true to that contemplative style as heard on ‘No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross’ . The song is about his mother who left the family when he was 1, remained distant and dealing with that as through your life. This Pitchfork interview gives more background to the album.

Pre-order the album from Tower on vinyl.

Posted on March 11th, 2015



No Monster Club’s excellent People Are Weird album is receiving a real-world launch on Saturday in Bello Bar (see the humongous gig guide).

As a nice bit of promotional synergy, Bobby Aherne has a new video for the album track ‘The Loneliest Master’ by Giles Brody and Conor O’Toole featuring Owen Colgan (Buzz’ from Hardy Bucks) centred on Bobby finding out he has a son, discovering his skills in the thumb wrestling arena at Royal Thumble and using his skills to pay a child support bill. Normal Tuesday stuff.

Posted on March 10th, 2015



Every year for the last three, I’ve been a judge of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent competition. It’s a bit of a music gauntlet, to listen to 140 or so various songs and make notes about them, then choose your top three. Each of the judges’ top three have been announced by the festival now and one of my three (along with Zaska and LSBV) is Surrey’s Princess Slayer.

The duo have a debut EP coming out called Living in April, and ‘Passion Alley’ is an 8-bit video game-inspired piece of bright pop music, much like Kero Kero Bonita. Check out the new video:

Posted on March 10th, 2015


Claritymilkshake copy

Clarence Clarity’s No Now album (streaming on Soundcloud) is a cacophonous toys-out-of-the-pram sonic vista, ever-changing, never stopping still.

It’s the kind of album that you maybe haven’t heard for a while, with a delirious disposition that throws sounds at the wall giddy with possibility. That shit cray.

‘Will To Believe’ is your way into the madness and a good indication of what’s in store. Check out the suitably odd lyric video for the song.


Last year, Villagers released ‘Occupy Your Mind’, a song which addressed the Russian laws against anyone who just happened to be homosexual.

‘Hot Scary Summer’, the second song from Darling Arithmetic, after ‘Courage’, features homophobes but it’s framed in the personal rather than the global. The song detailing a breakup between two people, juxtaposes sweet moments like “kissing on the cobblestone” with “all the pretty young homophobes looking out for a fight” and a society that makes someone “half a person / half a monster.”

The song title and the subject matter seems to suggest a summer night that could explode into the hurtful and visceral at any moment. Another poetic personal vignette from Conor O’Brien.

Posted on March 10th, 2015



‘To The Top’ and ‘Old Love/New Love’, two of the three songs we heard from Twin Shadow’s third album Eclipse in advance so far indicated that George Lewis Jr had reached a new clarity in his songwriting.

Prior, I always found Twin Shadow’s live shows to have that direct connection where his music was shrouded in ambience, much like Eclipse’s first single ‘Turn Me Up’.

Those two songs show that Lewis Jr can right a great pop hook and Eclipse is the sound of him embracing that clear tone in fresh ways. Aside from those there are standouts like ‘Alone’ a soulful duet with Lily Elise, an anthemic ‘When The Lights Turn Out’, the dark-gilded electro-pop of the title track and the skyscraping call of ‘I’m Ready’.

Nialler9 has an exclusive stream of the album right here before it is released on Friday March 13th.