Limerick’s MynameisjOhn, God Knows and MuRli return under one name – Rusangano  Family, after a year that has given us an album I named my favourite Irish album of 2014 and Murli’s recent EP, support slots with Run The Jewels, and Snoop Dogg.

Their new name gives them a new focus but the tunes remain as good as ever, New track ‘Wasteman’ advocates being sound above all else.


Young Fathers released another preview from their forthcoming album White Men Are Black Men Too, out on April 3rd. Hear also ‘Rain Or Shine’. The song is accompanied with this piece of writing.

Yes, you are on your way to work. Yes, you are late but you don’t give a fuck. That’s not why you’re flat-footing it up the concrete steps, feeling that rough corner burn on the palm of your hand. That’s not why you’re sweating (on the inside! The inside!) or why tendons are twitching and flicking the ends of your toes while you wait, tapping, for the gap in the revolving door to swing too slowly your way.

It’s not because you did something wrong and now there are people, the police, sending sirens, howling like dogs after your heels. They won’t catch you, not worried. Fuck ‘em.

It’s not because you’re running from school, from the sight of your face in the steamy glass as you arrive for another day of drear, running towards unknown fields.

It’s because… this prodding, insistent (move it! Pick up! Come on!) this audio whip, this escalator gone mad in your ears and then that slow down and the choir (The Leith Congregational Choir no less) and what does it take to feel better? When will you be happy again? Who cares. Keep moving and then, a moment and you realise, hey I’m happy, just now, right now and it comes home and you feel no shame. No. Shame.

Take a breath.

(Perfectly audio-tuned for tinny ear phones).


The Scottish alt-rap band and one of the best live bands around, Young Fathers just announced their new album on Big Dada is called White Men Are Black Men Too and that it’s out on April 3rd in Ireland.

The album title is somewhat explained below via an internal email exchange between the band and management and how it is concerned with equality.

The first song from the album is called ‘Rain Or Shine’, a low-end rumbling mantric track with the line “I may not be around come rain or shine,” repeated.


The Canadian producer’s debut XL single ‘Leave Me Alone’ last year was one of the best tracks around, a tune that endlessly kicked itself around my skull since it appeared last August.

Now, Kaytranada with a rising guest in tow, Vic Mensa (him of the Disclosure production ‘Down On My Luck’) has joined him once again for ‘Drive Me Crazy’, a minimal cut with an icy beat and big bass notes.


Some old school rap vibes are in full effect on ‘We Out To Get The Money’, the new track from Los Angeles rap crew Villain Park. It was produced by Smoke Dawg.

The track is a free download, and will be on the rising crew’s upcoming release Same Ol Shit. Ones to watch.

Villain Park – ‘We Out To Get The Money’


My favourite Irish act of 2014 is undoubtedly, God Knows and mynameisjOhn, the Limerick and Clare rap duo who released the best Irish album of the year (no Choice) in Rusangano Family.

If you’ve dug deeper and seen the boys live then you’ll know, it’s not just the frenetic work of a duo but a trio, the unnamed MuRli serves as the wingman, the fellow MC and is a key part of the energy that makes God Knows and mynameisjOhn’s stage show the best thing going in Ireland right now.

The 24 year-old Togolese MuRli now gets his own time in the spotlight with a new 7-track EP where he’s running things featuring production from mynameisjOhn and Naïve Ted.

The EP serves as a nice companion piece to Rusangano Family but also allows MuRli to establish himself through tracks like ‘Both Sides’ with its “you don’t have to be like me / I don’t have to be like you” mantra a frequent track in the live set. There is help and support from fellow MCs God Knows and Guide, as MuRli examines a dark time in his life.

“With no job, no money, and hence an eternity of time on my hands, I entered a stage of deep reflection. I started to question my earlier choices in life, and my overall role in society. What have I got to do to be more like the people around? What have I got to do to get to their levels? What’s wrong with the world? How come society seems to be on a downward slope at a time when we have achieved so much in terms of technological development, among others?”

10421543_10152347430880806_6524896336293302071_n (1)

Not only is Ghostface doing an LP with BadbadnotGood and possibly finishing up Supreme Clientele 2 with DOOM (though who knows on that front frankly it may be a rumour), Tony Starks has a superhero themed album coming called 36 Seasons on the way.

Here’s the opening track, a swaggering band track featuring Kool G. Rap and AZ and the singer Tre Williams, a contrast to the previous soulful track ‘Love Don’t Live Here No More’.

The album is out on December 5th and also comes in a deluxe edition with instrumentals, comic books and more.

Posted on November 18th, 2014

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God Knows & mynameisjOhn are one of the best things to happen to Irish music this year, through their Rusangano Family album and through their high-energy live shows.

Before the year is out, they will be supporting Run The Jewels and they’ve just announced their own headline show in The Workman’s Club  on Sunday, December 7th with guests Nanu Nanu and a DJ set from Ray Wingnut Records.

While not listed in the title name, MuRli, their brother in arms and fellow-MC will have his own EP coming out soon and the trio will merge more solidly under a single name change in 2015. For now though, here’s a brand new track ‘Grand Job’ which samples Killer Mike and all, which the guys are offering as a free download as a thank you for their good year so far.

God Knows & mynameisjOhn feat. MuRli – ‘Grand Job’


Speedy Wunderground is a London label and collective which has released once-off , sometimes collaborative singles from Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini, The Archie Bronson Outfit,  JUCE, and Toy & Natasha Khan in the last year and a half with an emphasis on putting out music in a quick process.

For the label’s ninth release, they’ve teamed up the Mercury Prize nominated lyricist and rapper Kate Tempest with an unknown 20 year-old MC called Loyle Carner (who appeared on a recent Rejjie Snow track) for this great track ‘Guts':