I love how this has caused a furore over here. It’s just a music magazine (albeit now at a cheaper €4.95) with a FREE CD featuring Heathers, Fight Like Apes, Adebisi Shank, Halfset, The Jimmy Cake, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, The Vinny Club, Jape vs Delorentos and more. This country. You people. There’s also an article by myself about the Illegal Art label which talks to Girl Talk and Steinski about music copyright and sampling. it is accompanied by superb illustration from BrenB. Forget about Abba, buy it for that and tell me what you think.

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13 Responses to “Oh yeh.. Abbagate out today”

  1. Sixfoot Apprentice


    this looks like the best issue yet.
    (apart from the one with the !kaboogie article of course!)

    look forward to that illegal art article, and the cd.

    nice one nialler

  2. nialler9

    [quote post="1395"]What does the Sigur Rós article cover?[/quote]

    Their recent NYC MoMA performance, the video of which is going up on in about 10 minutes.

  3. adam

    AND cash has been saved at the printers by changing the name of the mag to ‘Stat’. I’ll get me coat…

  4. Cov

    LOL @ the entire Irish Times thingy and everyone involved.

    Including you Nialler.

    But especially YOU.

  5. UnaRocks

    looks great. ABBA are one of my favourite bands ever, so am looking forward to picking this up when I get back to the old country.

    Go State for putting them on the cover!

  6. Aidan

    Funnily enough the HMV sticker, which sits just above the “under a fiver” line, proudly charges €5.50 for the magazine.

  7. nialler9

    [quote post="1395"]Funnily enough the HMV sticker, which sits just above the “under a fiver” line, proudly charges €5.50 for the magazine.[/quote]

    monday morning task to sort out so. thanks aidan.

  8. Sixfoot Apprentice

    that illegal art piece was class, nialler. nice one.

    aint got to check oot the cd yet, but it looks damn good.


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