Podcast March
Podcast March

I’m delighted to introduce to you, the first nialler9 monthly podcast presented by Aoife Mc, radio DJ from The Indie Hour on 103.2fm Dublin City Anna Livia FM. Every Thursday night from 9 to 10pm, The Indie Hour aims to give air to the often forgotten and ignored homegrown talent of the Irish music scene, with live interviews, sessions and a gig guide. So I’m obviously delighted to have such a fervent supporter of the Irish music scene on board for the podcast!

As always It’s an eclectic affair taking in some Irish acts, Baile Funk, Indie, Dubstep, Hip Hop and two special songs from a fantastic compilation entitled “Money Be No Sand” which compiled Afro-lypso, rock and soul from Nigerian and Ghanaian artists from the 60s. You can subscribe to the Podcast RSS via iTunes or your favourite podcast software. Just copy this link into the relevant program. Enjoy!

Podcast 01 – March 07

  1. Jape – I was a Man – Home Demo (2007)[ Buy ]
  2. Feist – My Moon, My Man – The Reminder (2007) [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  3. Julian Fane – Safety Man – Special Forces (2004) [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  4. Nina Hynes – Flutter and Wow – Really Really Do (2007) [ Buy ]
  5. Bonde do Role – Salto o Frango – EP (2007) [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  6. Talib Kweli & Madlib – What Can I Do – The Liberation (2007) – Rappcats
  7. Benga vs Skream! – The Judgement – 12″ (2003) [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  8. Battles – Atlas – Mirrored (2007) Atlas Video [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  9. Terrordactyl – Stingray – Unreleased (2007)
  10. Tommy Guerrero – Badder than Bullets – From the Soul to the Soil (2007)
    [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  11. Caetano Veloso – Outro – (2006) [ Amazon | iTunes ]
  12. Apolos Empire Rythm Orchestra – Cut Your Coat According To Your Size – Money Be No Sand compilation (1995) – With thanks to The Yank Sizzler [ Out of Print]
  13. Professional Beach Melodians – Shake It – Money Be No Sand compilation (1995) – With thanks to The Yank Sizzler [ Out of Print]


nialler9 Podcast 001 – March 07

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18 Responses to “Podcast 001 – March 07”

  1. Alice Glitter

    Okay, nice and all, BUT….the iTunes link for Feist links to OLD Fiest albums AND the subscribe to podcast thingy is waaaayyyy to complicated..iTunes front and center baby! All that said, kudos nialler9, tres kudos.

  2. Niall

    I’m working on the iTunes thing!

    And the Feist album – well the new one – is currently unlinkable.

    We’ll work it out :)

  3. jose

    Excelente, este podcast y todas las recomendaciones de Nialler. Brutal!(awesome in english).
    Thanks a lot for all the material you publish on your blog.

  4. doctashock

    More Terrordactyl please! I remember you posting about them before. Any chance we’ll be getting some love from those guys stateside?

  5. Ben

    good job, feist and battles, two of the best tracks around at the moment.

    oh and great to see someone else is listening to Caetano Veloso, he’s a genius and deserves more recognition. Same goes for the whole tropicalia scene.

  6. Gav

    that feist song is a beast.you already know my opinion on this but good work again 9,i salute you.



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