This first release by Dubliner Colin J Morris, Petrichor is pitched somewhere between ambient electronica, soundtrack scores and luscious instrumental music. The four-track 26 minute EP is sombre, haunting, ethereal and doleful. The title Petrichor refers to “the scent of rain on dry earth” and while we’re comparing music to senses, there’s a pastel colour to the music here, many shades of a soft palette dealing in uplifting yet contemplative music.

Petrichor was recorded composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Morris. Colin’s day job is writing music for film, TV and theatre with singer Miriam Ingram, under the name Tootsweet. He also produced the sound for RTE’s When Under Ether live performances. He was also a member of ’90s Irish band Sunbear. He’s on Twitter at ColinJM.

The EP is available for download for a pay-what-you-want fee from Bandcamp.

Petrichor by colin.j.morris


The Caretaker With An Empty Bliss Beyond This World may just be the most conceptual record you’ll hear all year but it’s also likely the most affecting.

British Berlin-based composer James Leyland Kirby has examined the relationship between music and memory in the past and this album is no different.

The album takes its inspiration from Alzheimer’s disease and the effect it has on an increasingly foggy mind. Kirby contemplates the idea that Alzheimer’s patients can recollect passages of music from their past and connect them to specific people and places. Keeping with that theme, the music is drawn from old 78RPM records of ballroom music which disintegrate and corrode with static as the songs progress.

The Caretaker With An Empty Bliss Beyond This World is a genuinely moving ambient electronic album – a must-listen.

It’s available to buy via History Always Favours The Winners.

The Caretaker: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World by alteredzones

Posted on July 13th, 2011




The new EP from Clams Casino, the 23-year old New Jersey producer introduced recently who makes tracks for Lil B and Soulja Boy, is now streaming from his Soundcloud page. The Rainforest EP is released on Tri Angle Records (read a great interview by Daniel Harrison with the label founder Robin Carolan) next week.

The five-track EP plays like an ambient release filled with spectral movements and blunted hip-hop beats. Quite a head-trip truth be told. As Volpe explained to The Fader – “..when I put them together I got like a nature/rainforest/tropic sort of vibe. It’s hard to explain, but seeing landscapes, colors like light green in my head.” it works on that level. Beats explosion.

Rainforest EP by clammyclams

You can check out the Clams Casino FACT mix too.

Posted on June 22nd, 2011




Fans of the likes of Grouper and Stars Of The Lid will find plenty to love in Julianna Barwick. The Louisiana native has just released her second album The Magic Place through Asthmatic Kitty and it is defined by looping drop-out rhythms, surging bass and choral tones. It all starts with her voice. Rather than coming across like calculated to-the-letter music, Barwick prefers to let the loop station be her guide (no words were harmed during this recording).

Her music is rich with undulating rhythms that occasionally stop off at a keyboard chord or two, or that gathers a hint of low-end, or perhaps some bare percussion, with it into its rolling structure. There’s a lofty “Gregorian chant” feel at times, but rest assured, it’s something you could get off your bin to if you’re that way inclined. For everyone else, The Magic Place is just beautiful calming music, with a hint of suspense to ensure saccharinity is not an issue.

Julianna Barwick – Prizewinning

Download: Julianna Barwick – Prizewinning (Alias Pail remix)

Posted on March 9th, 2011



Fly Lo The third and final Flying Lotus EP is out now on Bleep. Available on limited 12″ vinyl and digitally, at seven tracks in total, it features remixes from Dimlite, Breakage, Take (listen after the jump), harpist Rebecca Raf and two new Flying Lotus tunes.

You get another Take remix if you buy it at Bleep or the ‘Infinitum’ video below if you buy it from iTunes. here’s the free download offered by Warp , a lovely revisit of ‘Infinitum’ with The Life Force Trio.

MP3: Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock


Posted on August 20th, 2009


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