Khakikid’s favourite tracks of 2023

Dublin artist Khakikid continues to draw on rap, hip-hop production, soul, R&B and pop to…

Video: KhakiKid – ‘maradona’ ft. Bricknasty

KhakiKid dropped his new EP Sand Bebé last Friday, and the four-tracker features previously shared…

Watch: DeCarteret feat Khakikid & Ahmed, With Love – ‘Icarus’

The Clare artist’s new song is inspired by the passing of her father in 2020.

KhakiKid – ‘Switching Tongues’ feat. Carsten2x

KhakiKid has announced a new EP called Sand Bebé due August 4th, ahead of an…

12 great new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring Junior Brother, Cruel Sister,AC3, KhakiKid,Ispíní na hÉireann, Nuxsense, Becky McNeice, Mount Palomar, Joshua Burnside, Somebody’s Child, Ahmed With Love, Curtisy, Rory Sweeney, James Shannon, Noremac, Absentee,Seánie Bermingham.

13 great new Irish songs you should hear today

Featuring Elaine Howley, Judy on the Roof, Khakikid, Sammy Copley, Molijah, Filmore, SHEE, Christian Cohle, Zuchley, Patrick Stefan, Olivia Emade, Poser, owin, Muttonhead, Max Zanga.

12 new Irish songs you should hear this week

Featuring Khakikid, ROE, Ye Vagabonds, Jimbo Jones, Zeinab, No Photos, Aoife Wolf, Joshua Burnside, Seacht Líne, Aoife Bridget, Blimp, Burlie Mac, Silent Vices.

12 new songs from Irish artists you should hear

Featuring EMBRZ, Ahmed With Love, KhakiKid, Loraine Club, Lethal Dialect, Diamond Dagger, Planting, Blakkheart, Let’s Set Sail, Tomike, Cruel Sister, Wendy Godfrey, Selu.

12 new Irish songs you should hear

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