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Body & Soul Festival 2017 stage times

Body & Soul Festival 2017 stage times



Body&Soul Stage

00:45-01.45 Vitalic
23:15-00:15 Bonobo
21:30-22:30 Sleaford Mods
20:00-21:00 La Femme
18:30-19:30 Lambchop
17:15-18:00 Tiggs Da Author
16:00-16:45 Mammút
15:00-15:30 Loah
14:00-14:30 John Conneely Inc.
12:45-13:30 Solstice Meditation

Midnight Circus

01:00-01:45 King Kong Company
23:30-00:30 Idiotape
22:00-23:00 DBFC
20:30– 21:30 Weval
18:45-20:00 New Jackson
16:00-18:30 GASH Collective


23.15-Close Sally Cinnamon
22:15-23:00 Come On Live Long
21:15-22:00 Proper Micro NV
20:15-21:00 Farah Elle
19:15-20:00 Crash Ensemble + Katie Kim
17:45-18:45 Cumann Rhyme With Me
16:45-17:30 Irish Times Presents: Una Mullally’s Hot Tub Pride Machine celebrates Pride weekend with an exploration of Ireland’s queer Hidden Figures.
15:45-16:30 Irish Times Presents: The Hack of Ireland. The likes of Creative Ireland is all well and good, but shouldn’t we just recognise our inner artlessness and embrace the cultural institutions that tell us who we really are as a people? Patrick Freyne, Sally Cinnamon and guests discuss the cultural touchstones that reflect our national soul.
14:45-15:30 Irish Times Presents: Creative Ireland. Can this project transform Ireland’s approach to our creative sectors? Laurence Mackin in discussion with John Concannon (CI), Mary Nally (Drop Everything ) Mary Hickson (Clonmel Junction Festival and Sounds from A Safe Harbour) with Dave Tynan (Heartbreak, We Face This Land, Just Saying)

13:45-14:30 Irish Times Presents: Brexit, Trump and the Right: Time to Resist? Making sense in the aftermath of shock elections either side of the Atlantic with former with former Washington Correspondent Simon Carswell, Sarah Carey + guests
12.00-13.30 Irish Times Presents: The Walk of Shame with The Irish Times Women’s Podcast. Presented by Kathy Sheridan with guests Brid Smith TD, comedian Erin McGathy, campaigner Lucy Watmough and musical guest Mongoose.


02:00-Close Ancillary Entertainment with Shookrah followed by My House
01:15-02:00 Elaine Mai
00:00-00:45 Joni
22:30-23:30 Cian Finn
21:15-22:00 I Have a Tribe
20:00- 20:45 Jinx Lennon

Pagoda Stage

01.45-Close Ancillary Entertainment with Klark Cant followed by Sam Kinsella
01.00-01.45 Colorama
00.15-00.45 Apollonia Tribal Bellydance
23.00-23.45 Ryan Vail
21.45-22.30 DJ Lex Woo & Burlesqdisco
20.30-21.15 Zaska
19.00-19.45 Sonnets & Sisters
17.45-18.30 Tee Cardaci
16.30-17.15 Cantina Bop Electroswing
15.00-15.45 45 Live: Baz Hickey
13.30-14.15 Al-Jive Mestizo

Absolut Bar

01.00-Close Ancillary Entertainment with Billy Scurry followed by Lumo DJs
00.00-01.00 Timmy Stewart
23.20-00.00 Bon Voyage (Live)
23.00-23.20 Loosysmokes
22.00-23.00 Johnny Moy
21.00-22.00 Cyril Briscoe
20.00-21.00 Black Bones (DJ set)
19.00-20.00 DJ Deece
18.00-19.00 Bazza Ranks & MC Kwasi
17.00-18.00 Aoife Nic Canna
16.00-17.00 JOMA
15.00-16.00 Colin Devine
14.00-15.00 Jon Pierce
13.00-14.00 Baz Hickey
12.00-13.00 Jack Thompson

Food on Board Stage

23.30-01.00 Jeremy Murphy
22.30-23.30 The Correspondents
21:00-21:40 John Conneely Inc
20:00-21:00 Masquerade Ball
19.20-20:00 Nicholas Timothy
18.00-18.40 Skipper’s Alley
16:20-17.00 Claudia Schwab
15.00-15.40 Jon Pearson
14.00-14.30 Sing Along Social
12:00-14.00 Food on Board Beats

Reckless in Love

Saturday – Homebeat
02.00-Close Ancillary Entertainment with John Daly
01.00-02.00 ELLLL (Live)
23.00-01.00 Neil Flynn
22.00-23.00 Bantum (Live)
20.00-22.00 Dip
18.00-20.00 Major Problems DJs
16.00-18.00 Lumo DJs
15.00-17.00 The Soul Games
14.00-16.00 Homebeat DJs

Bulmers Lounge

01:45-Close Ancillary Entertainment with Fixity
01.00-01.45 BARQ
23.45-00.30 Shookrah
22.30-23.15 Character Development Cypher
21.15-22.15 Lords Of Strut
20.15-21.00 Tempermental Miss Elayneous
19.00-19.45 John Cummins: Poetician
18.15-19.00 Moth & Butterfly
17.15-18.00 REIC
16.15-17.00 Stephen James Smith
15.15-16.00 Cormac Begley and Friends
13.45-14.45 Scene of the Rhyme
12.00-13.30 Swingin’ out

Food on Board Stage

23.00-01.00 County Vinyl
22:00-22:40 My Fellow Sponges
20:00- 20:40 Ye Vagabonds
19.00-19.40 Jon Pearson
17.00-19.00 Trawler Park Boys

Veuve Clicquot Sparkling Conversations Salon

19.00-20.00 30 Bites-a uniquely irreverent live three-way guide to food with Sophie White, Hilary White & Danny O’Brien
18.00-18.45 Life Behind the Lens-Chef Kevin Thornton illustrates the visual aspect of food as art
17.00-17.45 Food & Champagne Pairing-with sommelier Julie Dupouy and Irish Times journalist Gemma Tipton
16.00-16.45 Ali Dunworth presents Here’s One I Made Earlier featuring Katie Sanderson talking about her White Mausu sauce
15.00-15.45 Health, Happiness & Handstands with The Happy Pear
14.00-14.45 The Perfect Summer Combo-growing berries & tasting Champagne with GIY’s Karen O’Donohoe & Susan & Judith Boyle
13.00-13.45 The Taste Trends 2017 presented by’s Darina Coffey
12.00-12.45 When Life gives you Vinegar, Make Vinaigrette! with Virginia O’Gara from My Goodness

Vodafone Comedy Tent

19.00-19.40 David O’ Doherty
18.30-19.00 Chris Kent
18.00-18.30 Joanne McNally
17.30-18.00 Karl Spain
17.00-17.30 Fred Cooke
16.00-17.00 Dublin Comedy Improv
15.30-16.00 Colum McDonnell
15.00-15.30 Gearóid Farrelly
14.30-15.00 Danny O’ Brien
14.00-14.30 Niamh Marron
13.00-14.00 The Alison Spittle Show
12.00-13.00 Punchlion Kid’s Comedy Club

Library of Progress

19.00-20.45 Emmet Kirwan’s Rhymes and Beats
17.45-18:55 FACTION with Blindboy Boatclub- a fast-moving, irrerverent debate that seeks to separate fact from fiction on a major political issue

Library of Progress

19.00-20.45 Emmet Kirwan’s Rhymes and Beats
17.35-18.55 Illuminate!
16.30-17.30 WASTED!- A grown-up debate about the positive side of drugs and psychedelics
15.20-16.20 My Secret Planet with Dr. Eddie Murphy-Desert Island Discs meets On the Psychiatrist’s Couch.
14.00-15.15 The Rick O’Shea Book Club: It Could Be Worse-Writing About the Near Future
12.00-13.45 Salon du Chat-Speed debating, chit without the chat.

Light House Cinema

23.30-01.15 Stop Making Sense
21.30-23.00 The Neverending Story

Dark & Stormy Bar

00.00-02.00 Eoin Cody
22.00-00.00 Eoin
21.00-22.00 Aoife O’Neill
19.00-21.00 Saturday Times! w/ Barry, John & Colm K
18.00-19.00 Breen
15.00-18.00 Ger Z
14.00-15.00 Hatchett Job
12.00-14.00 King Kuna

OurLand by Bord Na Mona

Earth Stage
17.00-18.30 Screening hosted by Cartoon Saloon Song of the Sea
16:00-17:00 Stories of OurLand in association with Childrens Book Ireland
15.00-16.00 Naturally Creative Presentations Chris Haughton & Steve Doogan
14.00-15.00 The Stuff That Surrounds Us with Bord Na Mona Professionals and Friends Insects / Bugs + Animals
12.30-14.00 Positive Energy Learning Sessions Myths, Tricks + More with Experts You and Your Impact Energy Lessons

Positive Energy Stage (Woodlands Stage)

17.00-18.00 Forest Sounds Donal Dineen
16.15-17.00 Bug & Butterfly Ball
15.45-16.15 A performance from The Hit Machine
15.00-15.45 Woodland Bingo
14.15-15.00 Ignite The Fire with Steve Simpson
13:00-14:15 OurLand through Other’s Eyes with Steve Mc Carthy & Turf Projects
12.00-13.00 Yoga & Mindfulness with Sinead O’Connor

Air Stage

18.00-18.30 Festival of Flight-Installing the Spoils of Our Work
16.30-18.00 MakeSpace MAKE with Gillian Henderson + Morgan: Kite Making + Giant Paper Airplanes
15.00-16.00 Art Workshops Giant Illustration with Steve Simpson and a Unique Character Challenge
13:45-15.00 Making Stuff to Make Music with Rod Morris with Makey Makeys & Moojis
12.30-13.45 MakeSpace Prepare with Gillian Henderson and Morgan-Stencilling, printing, painting

All Weekend @ OurLand

Welcome to OurLand Installation
Mini Beast Hotel
Chris Haughton ‘Little Earth’ VR Project
Chris Haughton Character Trail
Radio Space with Michael Mc Dermott

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