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Dan Deacon – ‘Lots’

Dan Deacon – ‘Lots’

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon

Promising a “subtler approach to texture”, Dan Deacon’s forthcoming album America (on Domino on August 24th) is informed by Deacon’s recent dabbles into classical commissions so expect lots of woodblock percussion, brass, wind and string instruments.

The ecstatic, celebratory sounds found on America are in compelling contrast with the darker thematic undercurrents. The album demonstrates anger, confusion and apocalyptic anxiety over corporatism and war, but finds consolation in the geography of the United States and in recent social movements both domestic and international.

‘Lots’ is supposedly the most raw cut on the album but it’s pretty rich compared to Deacon’s older material with call-to-arms style lyrics, a choral backing and frenzied synth noise.


1. Guilford Avenue Bridge
2. True Thrush
3. Lots
4. Prettyboy
5. Crash Jam
6. USA I: Is a Monster
7. USA II: The Great American Desert
8. USA III: Rail
9. USA IV: Manifes

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