Irish albums release schedule 2024

Irish albums . release dates

Here’s a list of upcoming albums from artists from Ireland with release dates, updated regularly.


May 10th

Villagers – That Golden Time

May 17th

Elephant – Keeping Well

Rory Sweeney – Irish Hip Hop Mafia

Winter Aid – Pull The Sky Inside

May 21st

Charlie Moon Sings & Plays

May 24th

Ro Yourell – Commencer

Shane Latimer – Residuum

Natalia Beylis – Lost – For Annie

Papa Romeo – Late Night Load Out

May 27th

The Personal Vanity Project – The Personal Vanity Project

May 31st

Niamh Regan – Come As You Are

Oh Boland – Western Leisure

June 7th

Landless – Lúireach

June 14th

MathMan – SK83 – The Prequel

June 27th

Shiv – The Defiance of A Sadgirl

July 5th

A Lazarus Soul – No Flowers Grow in Cement Gardens

August 9th

Jar Jar Jr – Catch The Dusk

August 13th

And So I Watch You From Afar – Megafauna

August 23rd

Fontaines D.C. – Romance

September 13th

Gurriers – Come And See

To submit to this list email [email protected] for consideration. Note, this isn’t an exhaustive list of every Irish album release but a curated one to match the site’s taste.