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Introducing: The Joy Formidable

Introducing: The Joy Formidable


joyformidable I don’t post a lot of straight-up rock songs here anymore, mostly because nothing in the genre has inspired me enough to cover it of late. The Joy Formidable though, are a big exception. A North Wales trio of singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan (Ritzy – what a name), bassist Rhydian Dafydd and drummer Matt Thomas who already have two long-form releases under the belt, their name was familiar but their music was not.

‘Popinjay’, the band’s new single reminds me of the thrill I received when I was first getting into music with The Ramones, Pixies, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pretty Girls Make Graves (“Nothing else matters when I turn it up LOUD” – my emo moment), The Raveonettes, Pearl Jam, all that stuff.

The Joy Formidable released an 8-track EP called A Balloon Called Moaning which comes highly recommended from me. Look out for a new album later this year and better yet, the band play Cork on Thursday 27th May (Cyprus Avenue), Dublin on Friday 28th May (Academy 2 – €13.50) and Belfast on Saturday 29th May (Spring and Airbrake).

Expect to hear more from them as they signed to Passion Pit’s US label Black Bell Records as they tour the U.S. in the next month.

The Joy Formidable – ‘Whirring’

The Joy Formidable ‘The Greatest light is the greatest shade’

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