Laura McGarrigle or Gaze Is Ghost is back with her latest release from her album to be released in April this year.

The Northern Ireland singer-songwriter has been developing her sound since the release of ‘Revolvere’ back in 2014.

The track is a stirring mix of emotions with a gripping piano introduction and lyrical inspiration from the Selkie of Celtic mythology that evolves itself through luminous harmonies and crashing percussions.

Posted on February 15th, 2018


Strabane musician Laura McGarrigle, Gaze Is Ghost, has had a quiet couple of years on the activity front as she has moved to different spots on the map. Her last music released was 2014’s ‘Revolvere’ / ‘Murmuration’, alternative orchestral ballads.

‘Feather And Bone’ is a rare treat from McGarrigle, a richly-detailed track from an upcoming album promised in the new future.

Posted on November 7th, 2016


See this page for a Soundcloud playlist of all the tracks.

1. Tei Shi – ‘Basically’


Argentinian-born NYC-based singer Valerie Teicher aka Tei Shi has returned on a whole new level. New track ‘Bassically’ is brilliant, a dark pulsing noir-pop song with stretched vocals. Teicher’s wearing a whole new outfit with the help of producer Luca Buccellati (who recently worked with Hanah) and it sounds great.

She appeared on Glass Animals EP last year and had her own EP out too. This is a step up.

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Posted on October 20th, 2014

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I’ve been keeping tabs on Derry-born Laura McGarrigle. Her atmospheric orchestral songs as Gaze Is Ghost made with piano, violin, guitar and McGarrigle’s delicately emotional voice have meant that I’ve been keeping an ear her way.

She’s been playing live shows in her college town of Cambridge and there was previously an older 2013 EP  to listen to. Today though, McGarrigle has revealed two new tracks to be released next week on Bandcamp.

‘Revolvere’ is an orchestral beauty with electronic undercurrents reminscent of Julia Holter in execution while ‘Murmuration’ is a piano ballad with McGarrigle’s vocals lifting the tune above the norm.

Photo by Karl Dmitri Bishop.

Posted on October 14th, 2014