Monaghan three-piece electronic indie group Sun.Set.Ships release ‘Marydoyouwanna’, a song that was originally written in 2013 by guitarist Ciaran Curley. The song is an an upbeat electronic track.

The song starts off a unrepresentative trad tones, before depicting a nostalgic and upbeat picture with thunder-sounds for added effect and electronic percussion throughout.

They play with Third Smoke in the Spirit Store Dundalk on Friday December 8th.

They will also be turning on Christmas lights in Monaghan town on Sunday December 26th!

Posted on November 23rd, 2017



Monaghan three-piece Sun.Set.Ships are an electronic live band with pop sensibilities who will follow up their debut single and EP with ‘D_lay’, which is out on Friday.

The band suggest the song has elements of the xx and The Police but I reckon the track is less tied to obvious influences – moving between Balaeric indie pop and introspective electronica.

Sun.Set.Ships next gig is at Arcadian Fields’ Festival in Bellurgan Park Dundalk on Sat 5th August.

Posted on July 31st, 2017