If you’ve been following the online treasure hunt of six-digit codes, mysterious radio and TV broadcasts and cryptic GIF ASCII characters or especially if you haven’t (FACT have been covering it extensively), the good news is that Boards Of Canada do indeed have a new album entitled Tomorrow’s Harvest and it will be released on Warp Records on June 7th (Ireland), 10th (Europe) /11th (US).

It’s up for pre-order on Bleep right now (though the site is very busy). Here’s a video trailer and a tracklist:


  1. Gemini
  2. Reach For The Dead
  3. White Cyclosa
  4. Jacquard Causeway
  5. Telepath
  6. Cold Earth
  7. Transmisiones Ferox
  8. Sick Times
  9. Collapse
  10. Palace Posy
  11. Split Your Infinities
  12. Uritual
  13. Nothing Is Real
  14. Sundown
  15. New Seeds
  16. Come To Dust
  17. Semena Mertvykh

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