This mix randomly started playing on iTunes today. DJ Mek sent it to State to accompany the piece we did on Scary Eire in our second issue but we never used it. This is a great mix from 2005 that was originally broadcast on 2FM.

D.J. Mek – Look out he’s Irish
Ian Brown – F.E.A.R. (unkle remix)
Ice T, Dave Storrs, The Glove – Tibetan Jam
Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
Sheila B. Devotion – Spacer
Landscape – Einstein a go-go
The Jam – Precious
The Clash – Rock the Casbah
Visage – Pleasure boys
Demon Boyz – Dett
Asher Senator – Fast Style Origination
Smiley Culture – Shan a Shan
Papa Face and Bionic Rhona – pon the Street (dub)
Papa Levi – ’84-tion
Gregory Isaacs – Mind yu Diss
Shinehead – Know how fe chat
Jah Shaka – Dub Symphony
Rankin’ Roger – Mono gone to stereo

Don’t be alarmed, the mix starts with the end of a news broadcast.

DJ Mek 2005 Electro / Alternative / Reggae Mix (Rapidshare)

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5 Responses to “DJ Mek – Electro/Alternative/Reggae Mix”

  1. James Molloy

    Anything Mek touches is gold.

    There’s rumblings on RíRá’s myspace that he might be working on an album. I certainly can’t wait.

  2. robbie

    Mek is a legend to be sure, his Word of Mouth mixtapes inspired me to buy a pair of 1210′s back in the day!
    He was supposed to release an album about six years ago called ‘Mekanisms’.
    Apparantly he had a track done with Suggs & Rodney P!
    Check out the ‘Mekstravision trailer’ on youtube, quality viewing!

  3. Sixfoot Apprentice

    yo nialler,

    any chance of a re-up?
    the link here is dead so i tried the zshare link from dj mek’s myspazz, and thats dead also……. purdy pleez??

  4. Guest

    I have a great CD for you to check out! It’s called Above the Bones and it’s by the artist Mishka.

    He’s got a really smooth sound and he’s got lots of soul…the CD is a great play for summer.

    You can listen to it NOW! at:

    Thanks a lot,
    Just keep livin!


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