Former Golden Silvers frontman Gwilym Gold has been delving into music experiences rather than “songs” lately. His solo work has been most notable for the fact that it doesn’t come packaged as a pre-recorded piece of music, rather his unconventional “Bronze” format (conceived with a team of scientists from Goldsmiths University in London in less) is available as an app and no two listens of a song are exactly the same, the instrumentation is fluid and ever transient.Vocals will not always follow the same order, the drum pattern may change, synth lines will appear and disappear: the arrangement and playback is always unique.

No surprises for sphere of music Gwilym Gold is in. It’s non-linear for sure, but ‘Lust for Sale’ is a conventional recording of the song filled with twinkling piano notes, bass hum and Gwilym’s beautifully silked timbre of a voice, which is the biggest draw here. ‘Lust for Sale’ is from his album Tender Metal released in September only on the Bronze format. Technology news or not, the tunes are good.

Check out his Boiler Room performance.

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