For this month’s artwork, I gave Stephen Graham aka Left Overs a list of possible song titles. One of which was Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’ which inspired this beautiful work of art: ” Lindsay Lohan as a survivor of a Beverly Hills future apocalyptic cataclysm – a Hot Mess if you will.” Right Click Radio 2XM’s Aoife Mc is our podcast host as ever. Tracklisting and links after the jump…

MP3: Nialler9 Podcast #33

Podcast #33 -Tracklisting

  1. Chromeo – ‘Hot Mess’ – Business Casual
  2. Kisses – ‘Kisses’
  3. The Phantom Band – ‘O’ – The Wants
  4. Chilly Gonzales – ‘I Am Europe’ – Ivory Tower
  5. Computer Magic – ‘Science Channel 9′ – Free EP
  6. Black Milk – ‘Warning (Keep Bouncing)’ – Album Of The Year
  7. How To Dress Well – ‘Ecstasy with Jojo’
  8. Washed Out – ‘Hold Out’ – Life of Leisure EP
  9. Gold Panda – ‘Same Dream China’ – Lucky Shiner
  10. Evan Voytas – ‘Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere’
  11. Porcelain Raft- ‘Gone Blind’
  12. Warpaint – ‘Bees’ – The Fool
  13. Lorn – ‘Glass & Silver’ – Nothing Else

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6 Responses to “Nialler9 Podcast #33: Chromeo, Kisses, Washed Out, Warpaint, Computer Magic, Black Milk & more”

  1. Rdpteles

    whats up nialler? long time i dont check what you ve been listening to, now time has come..Peace out

  2. Who

    Hey Niall been trying to download this for the last two days, for to listen to on my Ipod, without joy.

    Any help please :-)

    • Nialler9


      For some reason if you use Chrome, it won’t download so try another browser?

      Although it’s working for me in Chrome now.

      Let me know if you’ve got a problem. It definitely works if you subscribe in iTunes.

      • Who

        Psychic too, is there no end to you talent – how’d you know I was using chrome.

        Still not working for me in Chrome but got it to download in Firefox.

        Cheers, can’t wait to get an “earful” of this.


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