For this month’s artwork, I gave Stephen Graham aka Left Overs a list of possible song titles. One of which was Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’ which inspired this beautiful work of art: ” Lindsay Lohan as a survivor of a Beverly Hills future apocalyptic cataclysm – a Hot Mess if you will.” Right Click Radio 2XM’s Aoife Mc is our podcast host as ever. Tracklisting and links after the jump…

MP3: Nialler9 Podcast #33

Podcast #33 -Tracklisting

  1. Chromeo – ‘Hot Mess’ – Business Casual
  2. Kisses – ‘Kisses’
  3. The Phantom Band – ‘O’ – The Wants
  4. Chilly Gonzales – ‘I Am Europe’ – Ivory Tower
  5. Computer Magic – ‘Science Channel 9’ – Free EP
  6. Black Milk – ‘Warning (Keep Bouncing)’ – Album Of The Year
  7. How To Dress Well – ‘Ecstasy with Jojo’
  8. Washed Out – ‘Hold Out’ – Life of Leisure EP
  9. Gold Panda – ‘Same Dream China’ – Lucky Shiner
  10. Evan Voytas – ‘Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere’
  11. Porcelain Raft– ‘Gone Blind’
  12. Warpaint – ‘Bees’ – The Fool
  13. Lorn – ‘Glass & Silver’ – Nothing Else

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