Melbourne trio Broadway Sounds‘ new song ‘Sing It Again’ is described by the band as “Psych Afro Rock at 138 BPMs,” and that’s about as distilled as it can get for this summery afro-beat funk-pop jam, which will have the likely effect of making you want to break out in a conga line or do the cha-cha-cha. Fast funky music will do that to you.


Hoodlem is “an anonymous project blending pulsing experimental beats, soulful vocals and crisp production.”

That’s the intro I found when I went looking for more information after hearing ‘IGOTU’ on my Soundcloud travels. The song’s funky beat and soulful vocalist reminded me of Jessie Ware’s most dancefloor-friendly work with Disclosure and Julio Bashmore.


Lachlan Bostock and Alex Nicholls are Mansionair, a pretty new production duo from Sydney, i.e – they only joined Facebook on January 2nd. They’ve just one track to their name so far unsurprisingly. ‘Hold Me Down’ is a good first impression.

Featuring indie-rock band Revier on vocals and I’m going to say guitar too at least, the track has a similar slow-burning atmposphere to London Grammar. The vocals share a similar soulful tone to Hannah Reid too and look how well that’s worked out for them. The track unfolds in a space between subtle electronic techniques and full-band dynamics.


Melbourne five-piece band Snakadaktal released a fine debut album of atmospheric indie tunes with Sleep In The Water last year in Australia and the album is out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland next month.

Their new video for opening track ‘Fall Underneath’ matches the video editing to the song’s composition using subtle dramatic scenes to elevate the song’s twists and turns. A great video by Dimitri Basil.

Oliver Tank
Oliver Tank

I’ve been finding a lot of value in gentle music for the early mornings lately. I prefer a soft stirring rather than a full on energetic wakeup so Lyric FM suits the mood a lot. For the last week or so, Oliver Tank has supplanted my radio habits for the AM hours.

The 21 year-old Sydney producer’s Dream EP is a lilting release of unfolding electronic passages anchored by Tank’s earthy vocals. His voice reminds me of Sam Amidon, folky and rustic. It’s a contrast that works together to conjure a comforting atmosphere. The overall effect is also reminiscent of Active Child too.

Posted on February 16th, 2012




Coming across like a Beach House tune conceived in the Antipodes with the gender roles reversed, ‘Rhodesia’ is a beautiful lilting song from Adelaide duo Manor, Nathaniel Morse and Caitlin Duff. It’s their first single and an album is out this year.


themiddleeastIf I did a track of the week feature, The Middle East’s ‘Blood’ might well be it (this or The Sound of Arrows). Brittle, beautiful and tinged with melancholic lyrics offset by a literally joyous chorus, ‘Blood’ is a revelation.

The Middle East are from Queensland, Australia and I’m kicking myself I didn’t catch them when we were in Melbourne during the summer as they were playing while we were there. About three different people told me to go see them but the gig was a bit far out and we already had plans on the night.

Better late than never. Nice to meet your acquaintance.

The Middle East – ‘Blood’

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Posted on September 24th, 2009