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10 new Irish songs you should hear this week

10 new Irish songs you should hear this week

A lot of Irish music comes Nialler9’s way and there’s little time to feature everything we think is worthy of a thumbs up or more ears. Every week, we collate the songs that pass our writers that deserve to be heard by you. For more extensive Irish coverage, follow our Spotify playlist or hit up the Irish section.


Kojaque X Luka Palm


Kojaque & Luka Palm - Airbnb

These two softboys come through with the first single off The Green Diesel Mixtape. ‘Airbnb’ finds Kojaque and Palm trading bars over a glitzy, synth-driven instrumental. This kinda subby bass cut is fresh territory for Kojaque, worlds away from the kind of track you’d find on Deli Daydreams. Video is excellent.

-Luke Sharkey




Last week finished on a high for many people with a surprise EP release from Kettama. ‘G Town Club Trax 001’ featured three songs from the Galway native. He’s been teasing these gems for a while now as he tours, what seems like, every country this festival season.

In typical Kettam fashion, ‘Ludwig’ is powered by a massive kick drum that is synonymous with the DJ. The distorted keys in this track have a metallic ring to them, allowing us to picture what a house harpsichord would sound like. Expect to hear this track on many dance floors in the next few weeks.

-Donal Corrigan


Bonnie Spencer

U Remind Me

Bonnie Spencer - U Remind Me

‘U Remind Me’ is the debut track released by R’n’B artist Bonnie Spencer. The song depicts the lasting heartbreak that some relationships have on people. Bonnie Spencer’s vocals are self-assured and round the theme of the track off perfectly. A smooth bassline and subtle kick drum complement these aspects perfectly.

The music video for ‘U Remind Me’ is filled with starkly contrasted lighting and hazy silhouettes. Paired with the lyrics, it really emphasises the themes of heartbreak and nostalgia in this track.

-Donal Corrigan



You Don’t Really Rate Me

Some brand new R&B flavoured pop music from Irish artist Tomike. ‘You Don’t Really Rate Me’ is a message of empowerment, assessing the people in your life and cutting out toxicity. This is all set against a woozy, downtempo R&B cut. Tomike’s vocal delivery is pitch-perfect.

-Luke Sharkey


Moon Paw Print


This is one of the most original tracks that you’ll hear today. Crunchy bass, excellent sampling and wavy synths, there really is a lot going on in this song. Yet the song manages to string all these components together in a composed fashion. This multi-layered track makes for a really interesting listen without being overpowering.

Moon Paw Print melts numerous inspirations from different genres. The sharp high hats provide a textbook trap rhythm. Low synths are slowed and distorted to give us a classic electro-ambient feel. The samples are then excellently used to tie everything together.

-Donal Corrigan


Sia Babez

Hit My Line

SEORSIA - Hit My Line (Official Music Video)

Straight up pop from Dublin artist Sia Babez. ‘Hit My Line’ has a similar vibe, in production and vocal treatment, to tracks from artists like Mabel or RAYE. The melodies may be informed by R&B, the final product has the unmistakable sharpness of modern pop.

-Luke Sharkey



The Only Habit

The Only Habit

Americana tinged folk-rock now from Irish group Leftbank. The grooves, latent energy and rhythm on ‘The Only Habit’ won me over. Nice melodies here. Especially like the held guitar chords which announce each bar, the heavy vibrato on which add plenty of character.

-Luke Sharkey


The Finnjamins

No.1 You Mean Nothing To Me

No 1. You Mean Nothing To Me - By The Finnjamins

Psychedelic folk musings from The Finnjamins with ‘No.1 You Mean Nothing To Me’. The track stands out for its off the cuff vocal harmonies, which layer and build gradually as the song progresses. We haven’t quite wrapped our head around the video just yet, but the track alone earns a spot on this week’s list.

-Luke Sharkey


Not I

Please, No Kindness, Please

Straight up alternative rock from Not I. Get this into ya.

-Luke Sharkey


Ross O’Halloran


‘Wolf’ is one of four tracks off Ross O’Halloran’s debut EP. The Cork artist used this project as a medium to make sense of difficult moments in his life. The deep cutting lyrics and raspy vocals are set against a simple acoustic guitar, making this a hard track.

It’s clear Ross O’ Halloran takes inspiration from the likes of Dermott Kenedy as his voice ranges from gentle laments to harsh cries. ‘Wolf’ shows that this new artist is far more than just an acoustic musician. Snare drums and subtle harmonies are weaved in throughout, giving a depth to this track.

-Donal Corrigan

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